via Daily Prompt: Puzzled Do you remember this song? You might be more familiar with the version from The movie ‘Blade’ The original was released in 1983, Blade was late 90s, what a difference a decade makes! The first New Order song I ever heard was Shellshock while watching ‘Pretty in Pink’, what a gateway movie that was for new wave music for a kid who grew up listening to Elvis and Roy thanks to her parents and Kiss thanks to an older sister. New Order, OMD, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs! I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, yum!Read More →

via Daily Prompt: Trill These are the songs that I have been torturing my family with have been on high rotation in my house today… First ‘The Mountain’ is the highly anticipated new single from Canadian hard rockers Three Days Grace. It’s a catchy little tune, I can see it being used as a motivational tool very easily. My favourite line is: When I’m lost and want to fade away I tell myself to live to die another day Second ‘Say Something’ is latest release from Justin Timberlake and features Chris Stapleton. It’s a very mellow yet deep track, building layer by layer until byRead More →

I can’t explain can’t say quite why but this daily prompt really caught my eye It made me think of the meaning of fluff soft fibers, silly writing or kittens, and stuff I stopped at the writing since this is a blog and thought about things in the punctuation catalogue it sprang to my mind with nary a thought the oxford comma is well under sought I offer you memes to show you their use and one as a caution of comma abuse I hope this helps and saves you regret when that missing comma means you cooked your petRead More →

(Cass Part 11… continues from here) I waited where I was for a few minutes, expecting a knock on the door since Luka had left without his keys, or his wallet, or his shoes for that matter. I thought he would be standing outside the door, cooling down, could picture his sheepish grin when I opened it for him. But there was no knock and when I went to the door the hallway was empty. Of course we had friends and family in the building so he had probably gone to one of them I reasoned, which was fine. Not ideal but… ideally he wouldRead More →

(Cass Part 10… continues from here) Luka stood outside the door of the apartment, his mind racing. What had just happened? Had he been so caught up in his work that he had missed the glaring signs that his lover, the women he thought of as his life partner, wasn’t happy? But Cass going for a run in the evenings wasn’t a new thing, it hadn’t coincided with the spate of extra work he had been doing from home. Which meant it had to be the man, ‘X’. He paced a few steps from the door and realised he was barefoot. He couldn’t go backRead More →

(Cass Part 9… continues from here) When the person you live with has an acute sense of smell, honesty isn’t an option it’s a requirement. It should be anyway but in my case there’s no hiding the bar of chocolate I ate on the way home or the scent of another man on my skin. I let myself in to find Luka at the dining table his attention on his computer screen. Our apartment wasn’t big enough for an office so he either sat on the couch or at the table and I was relived it was the table tonight. “You’re back.” He looked upRead More →

(Cass Part 8… continues from here) The first time we kissed I was blindfolded. It was a few days after our unexpected paintball meeting, another random rooftop. I thought I was alone as I had been every other night but his voice came out of the shadows, a little angry sounding. “So you know everything about me now?” “You think you’re that important we talked about you when you ran away?” I asked with a laugh. “Most people would.” He was closer, I could almost feel him behind me. “I’m not most people,” I scoffed and shrugged. “Rory said she knew you and you wereRead More →

(Cass Part 7… continues from here) Days go by and I don’t think about Stormtrooper. Much. I don’t see him at all either and can only assume he’s left or is avoiding me. Luka was still bringing work home so I found myself out every night. I ran the first night and the second one. Then it was Friday night and I didn’t want to end up alone and pathetic on a roof top again so I went to a club instead. Aspect was busy as usual, the dance floor crowded, the bar busy. I waved to Liam who was serving drinks then joined theRead More →

(Cass Part 6… continues from here) “What are you thinking about tesoro?” Luka’s voice was as lazy as the fingers he was combing through my hair as we sat on the couch, a tangle of limbs as a movie played that neither of us was truly watching. He was thinking about his work and I was thinking about… other things. “My parents.” “What about them?” “Just how happy they are.” “Are we not so happy then?” Luka asked lightly. “Of course,” I answered quickly, maybe too quickly as I found myself flat on my back with Luka hovering over me, looking deeply into my eyes.Read More →

I’m no paragon of virtue, vice is too much fun I’m never being chased, yet I’m always on the run I’m lusting over here, and preening over there Everything is to excess, consumption everywhere Don’t be jealous of my ways, you know we’re all the same We leave the mess for someone else, and go on with our games There’s a question in your eyes, am I proud of what I’ve done? I don’t have time to think of that, I’m too busy having fun! I might leave you sad and broken, I might leave you mad and crazy I might care for you anotherRead More →

(Cass Part 5… continues from here) Dean came to stand beside me and draped his arm over my shoulder as I leaned against him “Who else has seen this?” “Just us,” he said and I puffed out a breath in relief. “And me.” “Hunter!” I shrieked and turned towards my twin’s voice to find him stepping out of the shadows. “I hate it when you do that,” I said with a scowl then turned back to the painting. “Fuck, how long have you been there?” Dean growled glaring at him as Hunter came to join us. “Well that’s a cluster fuck Cass,” he said withRead More →

(Cass Part 4… continues from here) Luka had cooked dinner, my favourite chicken and pasta, and we were lingering over bowls of ice cream as we caught up on each other’s day. Nothing unusual, except the ice cream, we didn’t eat that every night. Luka was telling me about the testing he had been doing the last couple of nights how it had identified vulnerabilities that led to more testing and how excited he and my father were about it all. Yes my boyfriend worked with my father but that wasn’t how we had met. Luka’s dad and mine were old friends so we’d grownRead More →

(Cass Part 1) Life in a big city should be easier than this, but when everyone knows who you are, getting into trouble can be difficult. I huffed out a breath as I leaped across a gap between buildings, my arms pumped as I ran for the next edge then I was hurtling through space to land in a crouch, dust rising up around my boots. I paused there for a minute, breathing, listening, waiting, then I stood up and walked to the edge of the roof to look down at the city. “You pick the strangest places.” I closed my eyes at the soundRead More →

It was the qualm before the storm The cats were stacked against us We were banking up the wrong tree We’d put our legs in just one basket It took two of us to tangle And we’d really lost the pilot Up the creek with just one peddle There were no clowns with silver linings To add assault to injury We weren’t playing with a full duck And the elves had left the building What’s that saying? Just my luck!Read More →

I tried the red pills. Then I tried the blue pills. I ate the one said eat me. I drank the drink that said drink me. I even tried the purple pills. It was like the song, the drugs don’t work, they just make it worse. And I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see your face again, your untouchable face. I had to ask myself the question, where am I now? Then I realised, nothing else matters except, I could never be your woman. So I had to walk away because I knew I could remove the cause but not the symptom.Read More →

In my imagination Within my twisted mind There’s a party going on So I just can’t find One voice to raise above To whisper something sweet There’s an overwhelming din And I can’t compete The boys have formed a band They’re playing every night I just can’t catch the tune Can’t hear the words to write There’s something about a wolf And a girl he just can’t get There’s a story to be told And I’m sure I wont forgetRead More →

I stood just inside the door, the shadows creeping up my legs, twining around my hands. They knew a game was afoot but they didn’t know the rules any better than I did. I stared at the bar, watching Poppy flip her hair back as she smiled and poured a drink, the ring on her finger glinting in the light. I wasn’t surprised to see it, maybe a little disappointed but what did I expect? For her to take it off and turn up to work as herself? I had seen the way the bar owner looked at her the night before and I wasRead More →

We’re swaying in the shadows We’re dancing in the dark I just want the simple truth Is that too much to ask I can feel her in my arms I can taste her in the air But I can’t see her with my eyes Can’t see the colour of her hair My girl is on the run And she’s gone and cast a spell She thinks that I don’t know her But I know her oh so well I’ll let her play her game Let her think she’s won the war While I dance and then romance her Have her begging me for more IRead More →

The audience is insatiable tonight, screaming for more, chanting our names. A part of me wanted to keep playing, keep feeling the high, but a bigger part want to hurry up and finish so I can go home, crawl into bed and stay there. For a week, a month, a year. I’m not suicidal, I’m just tired. It’s been ten months since Sienna walked out of my house and my life, and the last eight months of that has been spent on the road. I can’t tell you all the places we’ve played but as usual we’ve finished up back home, this time to soldRead More →

How could it be That among the infinite possibilities I found you Or did you find me? How is it so That when the time came For you to leave You just couldn’t go? How does it feel To look in my eyes And see your whole world To know that it’s real? How did we know We’re stronger together Better than ever Destined to growRead More →

Strange things are happening in my head. To be specific Alex is tied to a chair. So are Max and D. The thing is, they don’t have much to say right now, except Max who wants to get all up in Red’s cookie jar. But The Wolf is not a new age guy, he doesn’t believe that ‘sharing is caring’. So I had to tie Max up. Then D thought I was being unfair and that I should talk to The Wolf. So I had to tie that crazy bastard up to stop him going after The Wolf himself. Alex? Well Alex just looks goodRead More →

Somewhere, someone is crossing a line Pushing a limit, ignoring a sign Someone said no, but someone heard yes That’s how they got into this mess Somewhere, someone is crossing a line Pushing a limit, ignoring a sign Tan lines from a ring she can’t ignore She pretends she can as he asks for more Somewhere, someone is crossing a line Pushing a limit, ignoring a sign Caustic words where love once dwelled No more sweet nothings, accusations yelled Somewhere, someone is crossing a line Pushing a limit, ignoring a sign A shoulder to cry on, a soft place to land Friendship was never partRead More →

You wish I was gone. I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me. It’s not hate, it’s indifference. You don’t care enough to hate, you just wish I wasn’t here, breathing the same air as you. Well you know what? I wish that too. I wish you were gone. I wish I didn’t have to look into your soulless eyes, so dark they look black. Pools of evil for me to drown in if I stare too long. I wish I didn’t have to hear your voice any more too. The way you enunciate every single fucking word and everyRead More →

Interior… Inferior… Lake Superior… This isn’t getting any better Want to talk about what’s inside The devil we hide Because I can’t abide The pre-tense and lies We use to disguise Who we really are Because it’s better by far To be who you think you should Who others wish you would When all you really should do Is above all else be true To me and to you Let your true self show Let everybody know Say it with pride I’m a Devil insideRead More →

I could hear him in the hallway, humming his tune. “Hey there little red riding hood,” I whisper sung it as I tiptoed to the cupboard, pushed the door so it was almost closed then raced back to the bed and slid underneath. The humming got louder, then stopped as I lay there waiting. The door creaked open, light falling across the floor as he called my name softly. “Where are you pumpkin?” he crooned when I didn’t answer. I wanted to answer, to let him find me, but that wasn’t how this game went. So I stayed silent and watched his legs, so longRead More →

“Cut, cut, cut, gonna carve it in my skin, that way I wont forget, that trust is such a sin. Cut, cut, cut, gonna do it nice and deep, don’t want it to heal up, when I fall asleep.” She hummed a cheerful tune as blood dripped with a soft plop, plop, plop onto the pillow. “There now,” she whispered, dabbing her arm with a tissue. She wanted to use the salt but she had screamed so loudly last time that they had time to treat it. Not this time. Even without the salt it was too deep. “Bed time!” The lady came into theRead More →

I stood looking up at the stars, those tiny pinpricks of light in the velvet darkness reminding me how insignificant I was. I could be anyone, anywhere, looking up, dreaming, smiling, crying, breathing. Anyone and no one. Try it sometime. Look up at those stars and tell yourself you’re special. Look up and tell yourself how amazing you are. Better yet, tell the stars. They wont listen, they don’t care. They’re not going to give you a standing ovation just for breathing. There’s your reality sunshine. No one cares. You’re the most important person in your own little world, a legend in your own lunchRead More →

Beat feet Time to retreat RUN! RUN! This’ll be fun! Leaving blood smears And there’s the tears You really like to make this hard But this will make a perfect grave yard Tracking you down Don’t make a sound Sob and cry Wonder why The monster wants you It’s time to feed Come closer baby It’s time to bleedRead More →

If you go to the toilet And make a smear It’s not polite To leave it there Look to the side You’re sure to find A tool to clean If you’re so inclined The toilet brush Is always there Pick it up If you dare Grip the shaft And work the head Round and round That stain might spread Work it harder Scrub that shit Your arm gets tired But you commit Rub it good Rub it hard Really go That extra yard Till finally That stain is gone The toilet brush Has finally won That humble tool Has saved your pride And thanks youRead More →

“Now that’s a kraken bounty!” “Nope, stop it now.” Alex sighed and looked up from the book he was reading. “What?” “You can’t do a punny post,” he said patiently. “Sure I can! Anyway, where’s your christmas spirit?” “What’s christmassy about a kraken bounty baby?” he asked with a shake of his head. It may have been despair or wonder. I was going with wonder. I grinned. “Well who do you think found the bounty? Sandy Claws!”Read More →

Some days inner peace is nothing more than a cute meme… Trouble attaining inner peace? No worries, just keep calm and… Or shop, eat, call Batman. Whatever works for you, I wont judge. Really, why are we so worked up over things? Why do we need to vent and rant and rage? Just, you know, calm the fuck down! Fuck inner peace! Release your beast! Calm is for the birds! Let your anger be heard! A primal scream! Against an enemy unseen! Won’t do a damn thing! But leave you unhinged! Rage pouring out! You scream and shout! Don’t you feel stronger? Scream a littleRead More →

It’s hard to relax with this monkey on my back I locked it in the cupboard but it keeps on coming back I don’t know what it wants, bananas just don’t work I wish he’d stay away, the annoying little jerk It’s whispering a secret that nobody wants to know An inconvenient truth that I heard a while ago If you listen really close, I know you’ll hear it too Listen to what the monkey has to say to you… I know what you did I know who you are I know about that time When you let it go too far I know allRead More →

Here’s the lure But what’s the catch You think you’ve found Your perfect match All that fishing The games you played You found The One Your life is made You thought it was Or so it seemed Turns out you’re wrong It’s not what you dreamed Teasing words Have turned to pain Love is gone No sweet refrain You reminisce Of better days Promise that You’ll change your ways The day dawns bright And what do you know You can’t resist To the ocean you go A symbol of A love gone bad The fish ain’t biting And you wish she hadRead More →

The maddening Is that like the quickening? Or maybe the shining? (not the shinning, that’s for the yellow people) Am I yet? Did you forget The ways I crack your brain And drive you insane Licensed to exasperate Make you want to migrate From my land of ‘Makes-no-sense’ To your sensible Providence Not Rhode Island Are you laughing or crying? Maybe I should go? Before you, you know… Go bat shit crazy Your eyes are getting hazy… Maddening ain’t I?Read More →

Folly? That rhymes with jolly Makes me think of… That man in the red suit With the tatts and the beard No wait, that’s weird Well not bad weird But still… Where was I? Makes me think of That man in red While the kids are in bed Sound asleep Well, at last peek So I can sneak Smother a yawn It’s almost dawn Hoping the gifts Were on the list What about me? What’s under the tree? I hope he left A little something in red…Read More →

I don’t know what happened I can’t define Just leaving these words For you to find A random connection Unexpected mind meld From out of no-where Feelings were found Words were exchanged Opinions aired Secrets whispered Favourites shared Marvelous you Mystical me Something went wrong We weren’t to be Apology offered Silence remained Questions unanswered Nothing but pain I wish I could I thought I might Futile thoughts Night after nightRead More →

The ether beckons I want to vanish with you Fade into the shadows Meld with the dew No one will notice That we’re not around Lost in each other We wont make a sound We’ll speak with a look Converse with a touch Linger in silence When it all feels too much So let’s disappear Just you and me Alone together How sweet would that beRead More →