Today’s Daily Prompt Obsessed She left. Two weeks later I still can’t really believe it. She took one sip of her coffee then stood up, said she had to go and she did. I sat there in shock as she stepped over my leg which was blocking her in and watched her rush out the door. By the time I got my brain working well enough to follow, she was gone, disappeared into the crush of weekend shoppers. We had barely spoken, I didn’t even know her name. That should have been the end of it but I was obsessed, couldn’t stop thinking about her.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Stubborn Serial Fiction Part 5 Previous instalments here “Ty we need to stop!” Ben suited actions to words and stopped walking. “She’s here,” Ty turned to walk backwards, slowing down a little. “We’re so close, I can taste it.” “You said that six blocks ago,” Ben grumbled but started walking again. “Why the hell didn’t Carson call it in sooner,” Ty said for the umpteenth time. “He said he wasn’t sure it was her,” Ben repeated the flimsy excuse the other agent had given. They all knew Carson had probably tried to make a link himself. Finding a partner was … difficult.Read More →

Today’s daily prompt is Craving Part 1 here Part 2 here “I’ve been in here a time or two,” I admit as I fiddle nervously with my bracelet. “You?” “First time,” he smiles and leans his elbows on the table, his body tilted towards me. “Coffee must be good if you come back here for it.” “It is but it’s also convenient,” I shrug. He nods and looks beyond me at the shopping mall. “I can see how it would be.” “It is,” I nod and wonder what I’m saying. I can’t even make small talk with him! I’m ridiculous! I’m saved from saying somethingRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Unstoppable Serial fiction, previous parts here “Another Patron please sugar.” She gave the dark haired stranger a nod of acknowledgement and reached up to snag the bottle of high end tequila. She poured the shot and added it to his tab then moved down the bar to serve another customer. Time passed quickly while she worked, a combination of the work and the people making the night fly by. It always amazed her how much of their lives strangers were willing to share with her, it was the part of the job she loved the most. Occasionally, there was a customerRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Elusive Serial Fiction, previous parts here “We missed her by minutes! Minutes! Do you get me? Minutes!” “Ty calm down,” Ben shoved his hand through his hair in frustration as he looked up at the building. “You fucking calm down,” Ty snapped. “Minutes!” He gave the black SUV they’d arrived in a shove, rocking it a little. Ben grabbed Ty’s shoulder, spun him around. “Control yourself!” he snapped. A moment later he found himself hanging from Ty’s hands as he bared his teeth and growled. He rolled his eyes and peeled Ty’s fingers from his throat, landing lightly on his feet.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Clock “Tick tock Alex, time’s a wastin’.” “Time is irrelevant here,” he opened his eyes, took in the ceiling of the cabin. “True but, we can’t stay here forever,” she sighed. “But I like it here,” he yawned and rolled to his side. “I especially like the view.” “Hmm, I wondered about that,” she stood up from the couch and took a step towards him. “What am I wearing?” She arched a brow in query. “That would be my old hockey jersey,” he said with a sigh of satisfaction. “Come here,” he growled, crooked a finger at her. “We should talk, makeRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Punishment Serial Fiction, find Part 1 here She waited. Mere seconds before she head the thud of footsteps, heard him swear harshly. The temptation to look was almost overwhelming, holding her back? The fear of being found, the subsequent punishment. Instead she listened as he paced, swore then the clatter as he climbed back down. Still she waited. Then she crawled across the rooftop to peer over the edge. The car was still there, as was the man in the suit but he wasn’t alone now. He was there. The two men exchanged terse words before he turned and banged his fistsRead More →

Another response to the Daily Prompt of Slowly Dinner was eaten, dishes done, games played. Monopoly was getting boring, maybe they could play strip poker next time? Skye wouldn’t mind seeing Alex or Joel naked. Over the last two weeks they had regained lost weight, were looking healthy and fit. While Skye worked at her computer during the day she was often distracted by the sight of the two men working out, and at night one or both of them often went for a run. They would return sweaty and shirtless while she played possum, pretending to be asleep on the couch, all the whileRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Depth Five nights earlier… “Do you know how deep it is or how far we have to go?” Joel looked a little grey, no surprise after the energy he had already expelled. “No idea,” Alex shook his head. “You can swim right?” “Sure,” he nodded and took a step closer to the water. “If you need to wait …” Alex looked behind them. Nothing but trees but he had no idea when The Blands would realise they were missing. “We don’t really have time,” Joel shook his head. “I’ll be right beside you,” Alex was tired too but he agreed, they hadRead More →

Not gonna lie babe, patience is not my strong suite “Yeah join the club Alex,” I sigh. I got out of the desert and off the island “Yeah, good progress, go us!” Well, you didn’t cover that at all so not really “Everyone’s a fucking critic,” I mutter but he barely pauses. Now I’m waiting in the cabin for what purpose? “No idea.” And where are the so called bad guys, shouldn’t they be in pursuit? “Maybe you killed them all when you escaped?” I say unconvincingly. No reason to hide in the cabin then is there? “All the bodies?” On the hidden island whereRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Feast “Wow sugar, that’s some Feast you’re planning!” I smile absently at the older woman scanning my groceries. She was right, there was a lot of food but Alex and Joel ate a lot. I didn’t know if it was because they were catching up, both of them obviously underweight or if it was normal for them. “We’re doing Christmas in July,” I explain as she packs my bags. “Don’t be surprised if I’m back for more tomorrow.” I tuck the groceries beside the bags of clothes I’d bought earlier then slide behind the wheel for the short drive to the cabin.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Frail “So let me get this straight. At the start, you were meant to fall in love with Skye during the whole connection thing, we escape, you two meet up and live happily ever after?” Alex looks at me like I’m crazy. “That was the plan,” I confirm as I reach into the bucket for another piece of chicken. “Who’s plan?” he frowns. “Yours? This chicken is amazing by the way.” “Not my plan, hers. Anyway, things changed and you got chicken.” “Right, the chicken. You said that was significant. Explain how?” “You know I’m a pizza man,” I state the obvious.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Drive Alex is singing, the song will be stuck in my head now: Don’t need a pill I can swallow Don’t need a road map to follow “Are we going somewhere?” This is his road trip song after all. Babe, I’m going everywhere with you! His grin is dangerous, his mood even more so. I yawn, it’s late and I’m tired but I can’t resist him. “Can we go tomorrow?” I try not to sound like I’m begging. Poor baby, he says and laughs. He’s full of glee, I should just give in, go along with him. When we’re together nothing goodRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Drive I sing along to Tim McGraw as I pull into the carpark by the lake. ‘Shotgun Rider’ flows into ‘Last Dollar’ the triple play ending with the ballad ‘It’s Your Love’ which I sing with feeling. I smile as the song ends, sitting content in the dark, the aroma of fried chicken a gentle tease but I’m not hungry. After I ate my dinner of grilled fish and salad I got the urge to get in my car, buy a bucket of chicken and a couple of milkshakes (one chocolate and one strawberry), and drive here. I don’t think I’ll haveRead More →

Why are you mad at me? I look up to find Alex sitting at the table staring at me. “I’m not,” I shake my head. Then why are you going to make me fall for her and have a HEA when you know it’s not right? “Alex, we’ve talked about this,” I sigh and close my eyes. Yeah I don’t think you included me in that conversation babe. I think it was going to be an argument so you just skipped it and decided to do what you wanted to anyway. “It’s just a story, what’s the big deal?” I challenge him. That’s my point.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Unpredictable This is too creepy, the longer I look at them the creepier it gets. I swear they’re starting to look angry. I close my eyes again, take a deep breath. “Skye?” I call loudly. “Alex, you’re here!” She sounds happy, I’m happier. She turned up and hopefully has the things we need to engineer our escape. I open my eyes and try not to flinch but the cold stare of the dolls is really freaking me out. “What is this place?” I ask as I turn to face her. “Oh,” she looks around. “It’s my grandma’s doll collection. Isn’t it amazing!”Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Nightmare Another day another delicious bowl of gruel! “When we get out of here I’m giving this place a big write-up on Yelp,” Joel tells me as he scrapes his bowl clean. “Oh at least 4 stars,” I say with a nod. “I have to deduct one because the wait staff are less than attentive.” “They are very detail oriented though,” Joel says thoughtfully as he places his spoon in the bowl and the bowl on the tray. “They always make sure the table has been cleared.” I grunt in agreement as I stack my own tray then get up off theRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Journey “This should be easy,” Alex flops down on the floor before me. “Should it?” “Sure, you can have Skye reflecting on her journey,” he stacks his hands behind his head, closes his eyes. “Hmmm. I’m not sure,” I shake my head. “Really?” He sighs heavily and sits up to look at me. “Maybe I should pick up where we left off, in the desert?” I rub at my temples and it does nothing to relieve the tension headache I’m carrying. “Rough day babe?” I shrug and just stare at the screen for a while. “I’ll go back to the desert ifRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Guest “So you need my help?” Skye frowned as she looked at Alex. “Yeah, I need to get out of here,” he nodded. “Here,” she gestured around. “The desert? Because I don’t know how I got here so I don’t know how to get out.” “That part is me,” Alex shifted from one foot to the other, the sand hot on his bare soles. “Oh. Okay,” Skye nodded and looked around then looked down at herself. “I’m in my pyjamas. Am I asleep?” She looked up at Alex. “I would say you’re in a meditative state, that’s usually when this works best,”Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Cowardice So here’s the thing, this word, I don’t like it. He looks at me with those piercing blue eyes and I sigh heavily. “Alex, it’s just a word, we can make it work.” He shakes his head, scowls at me. Remember where you left me? In the desert, searching. All full of determination. Doing it for her. Remember? Now I’m going to be a coward? “No, of course not,” I assure. “Cowardice is, lack of courage to face something. We can um …” I admit to myself I’m struggling with this but he doesn’t need to know that. We can whatRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Desert Feels like forever I’ve been standing here waiting for her. The view out the window doesn’t change much, the lake, the trees. The leaves fell off the trees recently so I guess winter is coming. Perfect! I look forward to freezing my ass off in this ‘facility’. Joel joins me, looking out the window. At least I’m not alone. “Any luck?” he asks hopefully. I don’t know why he’s asking again. Well I do know. He’s desperate, the same as me. The future stretched before me, no hope in sight. Just an endless expanse, a desert without an oasis. “Not sinceRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Glass Can she see the moon’s reflection? Is she close enough to the lake to see it? I think so. I can feel her nearby. It’s so still tonight. Like glass. A mirror reflecting … What? For me, the moon is the passing of time, it’s phases reminding me how long I’ve been here. I wish it could be a memory of a night under a full moon. Soft skin, gentle touches, sighs of pleasure. Instead it will be a splash of red on pale sand. Or the dark shadow of a fallen body. I don’t want to kill to escape butRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: False “Let’s play a game Alex.” “Sure,” Alex smirked at the agent, no name needed, they were all interchangeable anyway. “I’ve always enjoyed scrabble.” “Yes, very good,” the agent nodded, a faint smile on his bland face. Bland hair, bland face, bland suit. “I thought we’d play ‘True or False’ though.” “You thought that did you?” Alex looked amazed. The agent didn’t dignify that with an answer. “Let’s begin. True or False: your name is Alex Kennedy.” “Was that a question or a statement?” Alex lifted a land and rubbed his jaw as he frowned. “True or False: your name is AlexRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Darkness When the lights go out I think of him. I wait for his voice. I want it, crave it. What will he say tonight? I chase sleep like an addict, I need it, it’s my path to him. The relief when I hear him … it’s the first deep breath you take when you surface from being underwater. The way your body relaxes when you’ve been cold for so very long and the warmth seeps into you. Everything else fades away … I picture us, he walks up to me, black jeans and tshirt, his dark hair tousled. He has thatRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Forbidden “Hey baby, I’ve got something for you,” Alex grinned at me as he walked in the front door. “Oh really?” I looked at his empty hands with a little smirk. “Is it invisible?” “Hmm, nope,” he leaned down over me gave it to me. His tongue sliding slickly between my lips, a teasing lick, a nip on my lower lip. I sighed as he started to back away. The man could kiss. “More,” I whispered as I pushed my hand into his hair, holding him in place as I breathed him in. I loved his hair, the dark strands like silkRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Layers where am I? I feel so alone yet … not? Trapped? I need … her? I can feel …  need her to feel … Me? hello? Can you hear me? who am I? “Alex?” alex. I am Alex. Where am I?” “Come on man, you’re scaring me!” sorry. I can’t find … me? “Can you feel me?” Skye whispers, her breath warm against my ear. “Alex? It’s Joel. Can you hear me?” sky? I know the sky … where is it? where am I?” “Alex?” he calls. “Who are you?” she whispers. Alex “Alex,” I whisper. “Alex,” she whispers. “Oh thankRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Autonomy “I can’t do this alone,” Skye spoke aloud as she paced. She couldn’t sleep, had tried sitting and meditating but she couldn’t settle. She was restless, unsettled, had that feeling of expectation. Something or someone was waiting for her, she could feel it but she couldn’t reach them. Reach Him. Six months ago she’d had the first encounter with him. She wouldn’t call it a dream, it had been while she was in that in-between state, not asleep but not awake. He had said two words, “Hear me.” And she had. So much so she’d searched her room for anything toRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Island “Well, did it work?” The anxious question drew Alex out of his meditative state sooner than he liked. Without answering he stood and stretched, paced across the small space three times before sitting back down on the cot. “Alex?” Joel glared at him from his position on his own cot. “Did you contact her again?” “Yes it worked,” he closed his eyes for a moment to better remember the feel of her under his hands. “And? Will she do it?” “It doesn’t work like that Joel,” Alex said, his voice clipped. “It’s been six months, surely you’ve made progress?” “Six monthsRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Burn “I want you to feel what I feel,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “Tell me,” she lifted her hands and shoved her fingers roughly into his hair. “Hard,” he pushed against her. “Wet,” his tongue licked her ear lobe making her shiver. “Hot,” he slid his hand under her the back of her shirt, his fingers rough against her skin. “I feel that,” she said breathlessly. “What else?” “You want more?” he slid his mouth down her throat, leaving a wet trail. “No, you want more,” she tilted her head to give him better access. “Soft,” he draggedRead More →