(Cass Part 11… continues from here) I waited where I was for a few minutes, expecting a knock on the door since Luka had left without his keys, or his wallet, or his shoes for that matter. I thought he would be standing outside the door, cooling down, could picture his sheepish grin when I opened it for him. But there was no knock and when I went to the door the hallway was empty. Of course we had friends and family in the building so he had probably gone to one of them I reasoned, which was fine. Not ideal but… ideally he wouldRead More →

(Cass Part 7… continues from here) Days go by and I don’t think about Stormtrooper. Much. I don’t see him at all either and can only assume he’s left or is avoiding me. Luka was still bringing work home so I found myself out every night. I ran the first night and the second one. Then it was Friday night and I didn’t want to end up alone and pathetic on a roof top again so I went to a club instead. Aspect was busy as usual, the dance floor crowded, the bar busy. I waved to Liam who was serving drinks then joined theRead More →

(Cass Part 6… continues from here) “What are you thinking about tesoro?” Luka’s voice was as lazy as the fingers he was combing through my hair as we sat on the couch, a tangle of limbs as a movie played that neither of us was truly watching. He was thinking about his work and I was thinking about… other things. “My parents.” “What about them?” “Just how happy they are.” “Are we not so happy then?” Luka asked lightly. “Of course,” I answered quickly, maybe too quickly as I found myself flat on my back with Luka hovering over me, looking deeply into my eyes.Read More →

In the three days since I dropped my Poppy-guise, Tate hadn’t spoken to me. I didn’t even know if he’d looked at me since he no longer sat at the bar, instead taking a table and letting our new waitress serve him. Jen had started that same day and with her midnight hair and moonlight skin had all the witches vying for her attention while the bears ambled around happy for her to just smile at them. Dulcie still held the bulk of their attention though and had them puffing up their chests and banging their heads together. As for the wolves, I was surrounded.Read More →

Three wolves walk into a bar. There’s no punch line, that is literally what is happening right now. I know they’re not really wolves, but that’s what I see. Everywhere. Him. Tate of the unpronounceable last name which in effect, rendered him unfindable. If I was inclined to look for him that is. He had shot his name at me with a hint of Irish in his voice and it sounded like Fwa-lawn and how the hell did you spell that? Not that I was looking for him. For all I knew he could be here anyway. A few of the men were the rightRead More →

There’s strange things afoot I can feel it in the air I haven’t seen my wolf And yet he’s everywhere Everywhere I look Everywhere I go I see his eyes and face But it’s not the him I know Is there something in the water Is there something in my eyes Everyone I see Is a wolf in his guise But I can’t find the real him The one who owns my soul Who gazed at me so lovingly But somehow I didn’t know Now my heart is yearning for him And I’m longing for his touch I’m the one who made him go awayRead More →

Her eyes took a slow tour over my exposed skin, tracing the black veins. Guilt flashed across her face as she spun the ring on her finger then looked down at it. “This old thing?” She lifted her eyes to mine for the briefest of moments. “I don’t even think it’s silver,” she dismissed. Really? She was going to play it like that? “Give it to me.” I held out the hand that wasn’t pulsing with pain, willing to take another hit to prove a point. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed and went to move away but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. SheRead More →

(…continues from Dancing In The Dark) The sun was setting, that yellow ball sinking from sight, casting shadows for the monsters to hide in. Maybe I was one of them as I moved in the half light. Was I avoiding the light to not be seen, or was I seeking the shadows? Some days I felt like a monster in my altered form, my Poppy-guise. Some days I felt like maybe I should just be Poppy. Poppy was fun. Everyone liked her. She got great tips at work. She danced with the Wolf. Poppy didn’t run away either. Poppy tossed her blonde hair and smiledRead More →

The audience is insatiable tonight, screaming for more, chanting our names. A part of me wanted to keep playing, keep feeling the high, but a bigger part want to hurry up and finish so I can go home, crawl into bed and stay there. For a week, a month, a year. I’m not suicidal, I’m just tired. It’s been ten months since Sienna walked out of my house and my life, and the last eight months of that has been spent on the road. I can’t tell you all the places we’ve played but as usual we’ve finished up back home, this time to soldRead More →

I could hear the party outside my room, the people laughing, the bears growling, the wolves howling. The silly girls giggling. Not me though. I was hiding. In the cupboard. Because he wouldn’t look in here. I’d heard him earlier, searching my room, looking in the closet and under the bed. Then I’d heard him sigh loudly and proclaim, “Well she’s not in here,” and stomp to the door. Did he think I was stupid? As if a stupid girl was worthy of his attention! I didn’t hear him cross the room again, nor the squeaking of the closet door, because he had fixed thatRead More →

I wish I could tell you that things were okay after the night I took Sienna home. I wish I could tell you that she forgave me, and loved me again. Well I could tell you that, but I’d be lying. The truth is, she woke up mad and embarrassed and couldn’t get away from me quick enough. The woman who’d loved me so sweetly, so passionately the night before was gone. All of the secrets we’d shared about how much we’d missed each other, hung like faded stars in a midnight sky. Barely visible, easily ignored. I watched her pull on her clothes, sawRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies.) A cover of the old Tom Petty hit ‘Free Fallin” is playing on the radio and it’s all too relevant and meaningful … And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows And the good girls go home with broken hearts And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’ And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’ I switched it off before he got to the part where he kills himself because that’s just depressing. I had gone to a dark place when Sienna wouldn’t take my calls, but never thatRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies.) I sat alone as usual, my mind a wasteland, scorched by the memory of the heat of our passion, nothing remained. I was searching for the words I needed, the paper before me blank and mocking. The day before, I’d been full of hope, sure I could win her back. While I’d slept our encounter had replayed through my dreams, her voice telling me, “too little too late,” and “you threw us away”, the look on her face after she’d slapped me. I woke in a cold sweatRead More →

We sat at my kitchen table with coffee instead of ice cream, an awkward silence stretching between us. I cleared my throat and she looked up from the cup. “You could have eaten it. The ice cream.” “Oh.” She shook her head, her eyes caught on mine for an instant then she was looking down again as a flush rose on her cheeks. “No, I couldn’t. It’s your favourite.” It was, because we’d shared a carton one hot night. We’d only been dating a couple of weeks and Sienna hadn’t been at the show that night but I’d sent her a good night text afterwards.Read More →

I sat staring at the blank sheet of paper, clinging to hope. My cell phone beside me told me it had been four hours since she’d gotten my last letter, plenty of time for her to read it and decide to text or call me. But the thing stayed silent. I was going to have to do it, going to have to write a sixth letter. Was that my lucky number? Not really but maybe I could change my mind on that and she’d respond to this one. But what could I say to convince her that I hadn’t already said? Maybe I could writeRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies) I played the last note and she looked at me with that smile. “Play it again,” she insisted. “Maybe later,” I answered as I set my guitar down. I had more important things to do with my hands, my mouth. She sat on my bed wearing my tshirt and I needed her kiss more than I needed the air that I breathed. “We have a problem baby,” I said as I stood looking down at her with a stern frown. “We do?” She gazed up at me, aRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!) Sienna, Letter four? Really? You’re playing hard ball baby! I don’t mind I’m happy to jump through any hoops you need me to, do anything to prove to you I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was an idiot … anything if you’ll just give me another chance, anything to get you to have second thoughts about us. Hope you enjoyed the massage, maybe next time I can deliver one in person. Got to be honest, just had that little text exchange with you andRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!) I read Sienna’s messages again, looking for what? There was no hidden meaning, no subterfuge. Just her words, her truth. She’d ‘moved on’? Well hoo-fucking-ray for her. What did that even mean? Moved on to what? Or maybe to who? I didn’t want to even entertain that thought, found the very notion of her with someone else irritating, annoying, fucking irksome. I prowled around my house restlessly, fighting the urge to go see her. My demons were riding me hard today, whispering doubts andRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!) The buzzer sounded at 10am just as it had the previous two days. Nick was persistent, his notes sincere, his gifts thoughtful. I had to admit, if only to myself, that I was looking forward to seeing what he’d sent today. I pushed the intercom. “Yeah?” “Delivery for Sienna Parker,” a male voice answered. “Come right up,” I said as I hit the release buzzer. I opened the door to wait and then watched in confusion as a man dressed in khakis and aRead More →

So Baby, Here we are with letter number three. Third time is the charm right? I sure hope so, otherwise I’m going to start feeling like a stalker. I actually don’t know what to say … I was so sure you would have called by now, even if just to tell me to stop. Then I thought once I had you on the phone I’d talk you into seeing me. I remember how much you used to like my voice and I was ready to use it. You called it a weapon once, I wonder if you meant that or were jut blowing smoke, practisingRead More →

  (in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!) Sienna, So here I am writing another letter. I know you got the first one but the courier told me they could only guarantee delivery, they didn’t know if you’d read it. At least I know the ice cream made it to you safely (I’m hoping you’re saving the pecan praline for me, you know, for when you let me come round again). Since you haven’t called or sent a pigeon, I’m going to try to explain a little bit here, no needRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies) and a Daily Prompt too! Sienna, I know it’s no excuse but I was an idiot. No I am an idiot. I told myself you were better off without me, acted like I was making a grand sacrifice by letting you go. I honestly had no idea what happened after … after I was an idiot. I didn’t know about the magazines or what happened to you. I do now and I can’t apologise enough. I know I’ll never make it up to you. If there’s anything youRead More →

Denver was true to his word, he didn’t stay long … He stared into my eyes and said, “I’m so sorry Sinna, we didn’t know.” “Didn’t know Nick was a jerk? Yeah, surprised us too,” Teal snapped before I could respond. “Yeah, good one Blue,” he snapped back, his eyes still on me. “We didn’t know about the tabloids,” he said more gently. “You what?” I frowned at him. “About the stories they printed … about you being …” he trailed off and looked down, releasing me from his dark gaze. “A sex addict?” I was amazed by how calm my voice was. “Yeah, that,”Read More →

  The day after Nick showed up at my door all I wanted to do was sleep because at least then I wouldn’t be thinking about him. I wouldn’t have to face the truth that I’d lied to myself all these months. I wasn’t over him, and worst of all, I still loved him. But every time I closed my eyes, I saw him. Standing there with that cautious smile, the one that showed up when he was unsure about something. And why the hell did I remember that, why did I have to know him so well. Where was the cocky arrogant rock starRead More →

The pounding on my front door was accentuated by the chiming of my cell phone signalling a new message. Denver: open up fucker! Charming, but it did the trick. I threw the door open with a welcoming snarl then stomped back to bed. Of course he followed me, along with Jase who was carrying a brown paper bag and Matt who at least had the decency to bring coffee. “What the fuck Nick? I thought we were having breakfast to celebrate out first day off in  … too fucking long?” Denver shoved my shoulder then threw himself onto my bed. I had my head underRead More →

“Talk to you next week,” I said with a smile then closed the skype window, my boss’s face disappearing. I liked a lot of things about my job but 2am meetings wasn’t one of them. Thankfully, Jerry would be in the same time zone as me next week so we could talk at a normal time. I stood up and stretched then had my usual staring match with the freezer. I really didn’t need icecream at this time of the night but I was wide awake and hungry and I always lost the battle. A minute later I was staring at the empty carton isRead More →

I usually enjoyed driving after a show. The roads were quiet, I was burnt out, drained, done for. Ready to sleep without thinking, hopefully without dreaming. Usually. But tonight, the woman in the passenger seat wouldn’t shut up so there went the quiet. We were back in my home town for the first time in nearly a year so though I should be tired, I wasn’t. The show had been great, everyone loved us. I’d played my ass off, made the security team earn their money by going into the audience a couple of times too. It was our home town, they deserved something special,Read More →

I remember the moments with painful clarity. They replay when I close my eyes, a highlight reel that I don’t want to see any more. scene A crowded bar, a woman, short black hair, grey eyes, dressed in blue jeans and a fitted pink tshirt is standing with her elbows on the bar, trying to get the bar tender’s attention. A man, blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed in jeans a black shirt moves to stand beside her. He casually rests one arm on the bar and says, “You know if you wore a shorter skirt and a tighter top you’d get better service.” The womanRead More →

Sienna, I owe you so much. So many apologies to start … like for tonight. For not calling when I said I would. Thing is, I couldn’t bring myself to call you at 3am because I’m not sure how I would have said goodbye. Yeah 3am. I know I said after the show but we had some VIP thing with some people from the label. Sort of a command performance. I should have sent you a message but I kept thinking I’d leave any minute now and call you. Believe me baby, I’d rather spend hours talking to you than in the company of others,Read More →

I waited until I got into my car to check my phone. My boss was a stickler about using them at work but I also preferred to read my messages alone. I knew I smiled like a lovesick fool when I read his messages and I didn’t like dodging the ‘what are you smiling at’ questions. None of my co-workers knew about Nick and I wanted to keep it that way since I had no desire to be the subject of their gossip. As it was, there was already division over Nick’s band Lustful Gaze, apparently you either loved them or hated them. Many ofRead More →

Hey sweet girl, I miss you so much. Can’t believe we keep missing each other. Can’t believe we haven’t spoken for a week! I’ve listened to the last message you left me so many times … feeling a bit pathetic really but I love the sound of your voice. Things here are just crazy busy. Between shows there’s always PR to do or a party to go to. Or not go to in my case. The boys are loving it, wall to wall girls. They think I’m crazy for skipping it all and they’re right, I’m crazy about you. I don’t need millions of women,Read More →

“I’ll be honest with you Supernatural.” “Max” “Max. The thing is, I have trust issues.” I looked at the gun pointed at me, cocked my head to the side and smiled. “No, really D?” He smirked at me then picked up his cup to take a drink. We were seated at a table in the kitchen of the fire station. After my ‘take me to your leader’ quip, he’d brought me in here, made us both coffee. I could have married him right then. We both still had our guns so it could have been a really special shot gun wedding. “My girl, she’s aRead More →

Zombie Serial Episode 7 (read the start here) I woke to the dulcet sounds of the song of my people, the low continuous moan of the zombie choir, so soothing! For once I took the time to appreciate the nuances, the changes in pitch and tone. I don’t know if it would be a number one hit but you might just be able to dance to it. As they sang the chorus again I pried open an eye, checked the door was still closed. Yep. It would have to open soon though, the woman would need another dose of meds and my bag was snugRead More →

Serial fiction part 6 (read the rest here) “D?” “It’s okay baby,” D spoke quietly as he stroked her hair gently. “Doctor Max is going to take care of you.” He watched the other man, saw his eyes fixate on the shotgun for a moment. “I sure am,” Max muttered as he looked away from the weapon and tapped the syringe he’d prepped. “Ready?” “Go ahead,” she said, her voice weak. Max picked up an antibacterial swab and went to open it but found his wrist locked in a strong grip. He looked at D’s hand then up at his face. “Wrist’s are fragile.” HeRead More →

Zombie serial part 5 (read the rest here) Now that was a hell of a mess. Well organised though, bodies to the left, heads to the right. I guess that way there could be no accidental re-attachments. Wait, was that even possible? Who knew? With this new breed of brain munchers, anything was possible really. My jaw cracked in a yawn but I decided not to try to count the hours since I’d slept; pretty sure I’d seen two sunrises without any shut-eye though. I’d been watching the fire station for two hours now and there’d been no sign of life. No signs of theRead More →

Serial Fiction Part 3 (Part 1 here) (Part 2 here) “Ready to run princess?” “Are you serious?” She looked at him with both brows raised. “Have you not noticed the crowd outside?” “Them?” He shrugged, unconcerned. “By the time they see us, we’ll be gone babe,” he said with a grin. “You’re an idiot,” she sighed as she checked her holster then gave her bat a test swing. “Am I crazy?” He struck a thinking pose. “Little bit.” He held up his hand, finger and thumb an inch apart. “Fucking lunatic more like it,” she muttered. “Tell me again why we’re not waiting until nightRead More →

I knew it was a mistake, coming in for coffee. I’d avoided this place at this time for months, just in case … And there he was. All those months ago the barista, Gary, had told me he wanted to see me again but I’d told him I wasn’t interested. After the morning I’d sat across from him, I’d changed my habit of stopping for a treat for Bella and myself after we did out weekly grocery shop. We usually got our drinks before shopping but we were running late today thanks to a mostly sleepless night and there was no way I could tackleRead More →

I took a Twisted Road of Madness to find Sylia’s Letter and this is my take on how Dermott got that book … To Sir With Love “Hi, do you have any books by,” I paused to consult my note. “Shel Silverstein?” “The guy who wrote ‘a Boy Named Sue’ and ‘Sylvia’s Mother’? Sure.” The old guy behind the counter smiled and nodded so I nodded along like I had any idea what he was talking about. Sue, Sylvia, Shel? You wouldn’t wan to have a lisp! I followed him through the store to the … kids section? “This is very popular,” he told me,Read More →

The Daily Prompt is Miniature I dodged a woman pushing a pram, another one with a trolley, then nearly tripped over a kid that was somehow attached to the woman pushing the trolley. Jeez, was that a leash? Did people do that? A closer look revealed a cute plush backpack on the kid with a short strap leading to, what I assumed was, the mother. Huh, a safety device. I got out of the way of another trolley and wondered what the hell I was thinking? I wanted a coffee and my coffee place was here, that’s what I was thinking. Crowds be damned, andRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Complicated “Can we get Oreos?” “Of course darling,” I looked into my baby’s blue eyes, the only thing she’d gotten from her father, and smiled. Apart from her eyes, she was a mini me, same dark hair and olive toned skin, same bone structure. Nothing like my ex with his blonde hair and pale skin. “Strawberry please,” she gave me her gap toothed smile as I picked up two packages of cookies. We carried on shopping, bread, milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables filled out trolley then we headed for the register. Groceries bagged I pushed the trolley with my precious cargoRead More →