I could hear the party outside my room, the people laughing, the bears growling, the wolves howling. The silly girls giggling. Not me though. I was hiding. In the cupboard. Because he wouldn’t look in here. I’d heard him earlier, searching my room, looking in the closet and under the bed. Then I’d heard him sigh loudly and proclaim, “Well she’s not in here,” and stomp to the door. Did he think I was stupid? As if a stupid girl was worthy of his attention! I didn’t hear him cross the room again, nor the squeaking of the closet door, because he had fixed thatRead More →

I could hear him in the hallway, humming his tune. “Hey there little red riding hood,” I whisper sung it as I tiptoed to the cupboard, pushed the door so it was almost closed then raced back to the bed and slid underneath. The humming got louder, then stopped as I lay there waiting. The door creaked open, light falling across the floor as he called my name softly. “Where are you pumpkin?” he crooned when I didn’t answer. I wanted to answer, to let him find me, but that wasn’t how this game went. So I stayed silent and watched his legs, so longRead More →

Do you believe in fairy tales? I don’t. There are no fairy godmothers, there is no magic in love’s first kiss. Monsters though? I believe in them and you should too. They’re everywhere, walking around in their skin suits, looking so normal. But they’re not. There’s the bears to start, they prefer little blonde girls. The witches aren’t at all picky though, all are welcome in their cooking pots. Never trust a Huntsman; they say they want to help but they just want you to run, run, run! You shouldn’t see a pirate unless you are at sea and then you’ll have much worse thingsRead More →

“Cut, cut, cut, gonna carve it in my skin, that way I wont forget, that trust is such a sin. Cut, cut, cut, gonna do it nice and deep, don’t want it to heal up, when I fall asleep.” She hummed a cheerful tune as blood dripped with a soft plop, plop, plop onto the pillow. “There now,” she whispered, dabbing her arm with a tissue. She wanted to use the salt but she had screamed so loudly last time that they had time to treat it. Not this time. Even without the salt it was too deep. “Bed time!” The lady came into theRead More →