It was the qualm before the storm The cats were stacked against us We were banking up the wrong tree We’d put our legs in just one basket It took two of us to tangle And we’d really lost the pilot Up the creek with just one peddle There were no clowns with silver linings To add assault to injury We weren’t playing with a full duck And the elves had left the building What’s that saying? Just my luck!Read More →

Wanted to write a poem about seriousness But all that rhymed was deliriousness It felt a little perilous Thought someone might get querulous If I tried to rhyme some other word Things could get quite absurd Try a little deviousness Stop it now, don’t digress This was meant to be a poetic protest Nothing really serious It could go on and on I guess A few lines more or maybe less Stopping now is probably best I say that in all seriousnessRead More →

  Whether you’re tart Or whether you’re sweet You still have the stuff That I like to eat Open my mouth To lick and suck Let’s make it real dirty End with a fuck Did I burn my tongue Or did we have nookie Drag your mind from gutter Have a taste of my cookieRead More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies.) We could gimble in the wabe of the Tenerife Sea What a delightful time for you and me Or we could drown our sorrows in the tidal pools Drinking mimosas and breaking the rules Let’s build sand chalets on the sugary shore Then knock them down, quoth the raven “Nervermore.” We could walk on the water, seek the Bandersnatch Chase the Jabberwock, he’s quite a catch! With a whiffle and a burble, a gyre and a gimble You’ll have to be quick, the beast is quite nimble ThenRead More →