I think I might need to think about this for a while … Alex: That’s pretty lame, don’t you think? Me: Haha Alex: Seriously? That’s all you got? Me: I said I was thinking about it, you know? Let the thoughts brew, bubble around, like coffee does Alex: (frowns) Me: It’s a thing, coffee percolates. Alex: Baby your mind is a strange and scary place sometimes. Me: (yawns) My mind is tired, too much NaNo Alex: Go to bed Me: I thought you’d never askRead More →

Ask anyone what does November mean, what’s so special about the month, and you’ll probably get a few different answers. For some it will be that extra day off work because there’s a horse race happening. Yes, in Victoria we have a day off to watch a four minute horse race! Then there’s that whole turkey day thing which I think may also involve a day off. I know (because it was on television so it must be true) that there’s lots of food involved, maybe a family fight, and the following day some extreme shopping takes place. Next is that special event that wasRead More →