‘I Said Hi’ is a song about triumph. Amy Shark wrote it as a kind of reply to those in the music industry who had turned her down previously then when she had a breakthrough hit came knocking at her door. She says “It’s an anthem for anyone who is waking up everyday fighting for what they believe in and challenging the universe!” So this is for those of you writing and writing some more, everyday doing what you love…   As a bonus, here is the first of Amy’s songs that I ever heard and it’s beautiful and you deserve it…Read More →

via Daily Prompt: Puzzled Do you remember this song? You might be more familiar with the version from The movie ‘Blade’ The original was released in 1983, Blade was late 90s, what a difference a decade makes! The first New Order song I ever heard was Shellshock while watching ‘Pretty in Pink’, what a gateway movie that was for new wave music for a kid who grew up listening to Elvis and Roy thanks to her parents and Kiss thanks to an older sister. New Order, OMD, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Psychedelic Furs! I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, yum!Read More →

Around six weeks ago, my link to the Daily Prompt stopped working. At first I thought it was a one off, it’s happened before. Then it was ’48 hour thing’. After a week I had contacted support and no one had any clue why it wasn’t working. This is where my confession kicks in. Without that push to make it on the page, my inclination to post dropped off. I’m not sure why, it’s not like I got a lot of traffic from it but I liked being there, you know? Suddenly I was going a day, two days, a week between posts. Maybe itRead More →

Have you all met Alex? He was in a story I wrote once but at the end, he walked out of it. I was confused. Why didn’t he like the way I planned for things to end? “It wasn’t my story babe,” he says with a patient sigh. “So you’ve said, but-” He yawns, bored with this conversation already. “No buts. That’s it. You know this, get over it.” That’s Alex. I’ve written about him before here and in a lot of other places too. He’s one of the voices in my head, an imaginary friend you might say. “I am not!” he gasps. “PrettyRead More →

  I was going to start this post like so… This is my impression of an interesting post… I was going to write something about how you need a hook to draw readers in, maybe something funny so I was going to have a funny meme… But then I came across this tagged ‘Do your best Batman impression…’ It doesn’t get much better than that… does it?Read More →

I don’t have a usable passportand can’t afford to go globe-trotting anyway, so it’s lucky I have WordPress! I sign in and right there I have my ticket to the world. Apparently it’s spring in Canada! I read that in a blog. Of course that’s true in a lot of other places too as evidenced by the photos of flowers blooming. The other week there was a snow storm, people were trapped for days. I did see that on the news but  reading about it from another blogger’s perspective had a lot more impact. If I did have the right documents to travel, I’d packRead More →

Since David Bowie songs are often running through my head, I wasn’t terribly surprised to hear this song when I read the prompt tonight. I have very fond memories associated with this song so it’s always a pleasure to listen to it. As a bonus, the video was shot in Australia and was making some kind of statement against racism apparently. The song had deeper meanings of course, it’s Bowie. As a girl who thought music was just music and had no idea that music could have agendas and make statements, my thoughts were that this was a love song, a declaration that this man,Read More →

Everyone knows Bob the Builder? What about his friend Lofty? Lofty is not very confident. He sort of reminds me of Neil from The Young Ones … Bob: Can we fix it? Scoop: Yes we can! Lofty: Um… yeah, I think so. Depends on what you’re talking about though. Some things yeah you probably can. Other things, you need to realise it’s not fixable and just move on. Still other times we keep hoping and trying, like with the Daily Prompt. I look at it some day and think; “You’re drunk Daily Prompt, go home.” Or as Bob would say:Read More →

Sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike … go look for memes instead … So here’s the main problem I have with this meme: if Jensen was in my general vicinity, writing would not be my priority. Additionally, I have no idea how this is a ‘waiting meme’ which is what I searched for. Here’s one that at least has ‘wait’ in it: And here’s one that sort of ties the other two together … This one has waiting in it to make it all legit … or something?Read More →

Let’s talk about zing! Food can have a zing quality, it seems to denote hot and spicy. People can add some zing to your life, like that joyful zing you experience when looking at your child. Or a more carnal zing that could lead to more children 😉 It can be a sound, think about an arrow flying through the air. Lastly, there is this: to insult or criticize (someone) in a sharp, clever, or playful way. Like so: Zing!Read More →

Because I am a peculiar parent in many ways Rather than the traditional twinkle tune I endeavoured to teach the Tiny Empress this … Except she would ask “What’s a tea tray mama?” Which would lead to a very long discussion So instead we sing: “Like a toaster in the sky” I hope Mr Carroll doesn’t mind Oh well …Read More →

I’ve never really understood how you can have a favourite song. How you can select one set of lyrics, one melody above all others and label it as The Favourite? Surely you have a different song for different moods? One for cleaning, one to relax to, one to sing along to. Or is it just that same old song? I’ve often thought about the last song, the one that should play at my funeral. Maybe that’s my favourite?Read More →

Remember this guy? I would have totally gotten in the cage! I have a slightly addictive personality. Not the ‘once you know me you’ll love me forever’ kind, Though that’s sort of true too (haha)! The kind that is predisposed to addiction. Sugar? I’ll take it in many forms, donuts are a favourite. Chocolate? Nope, not a sugar, it has it’s own special category. Coffee? Who can have just one? If I read a book that is part of a series, I have to read them all. Right now! Same goes for movies and TV shows. I’m a binge watcher. Alcohol? In a shot! Haha,Read More →

Do you remember when you read Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix? That moment when you read the words: But Sirius did not reappear (p711) Did you cry? I did. And I waited. I kept thinking, no, this can’t be right. Sirius will find a way to cheat death, surely! I waited some more, all through The Half-Blood Prince and right up to the bitter end (Harry and Ginny? Really?) of The Deathly Hallows, hope sprang. Until it withered and died. How cruel was that? Poor Harry lost his parents, then finally found some family with Sirius and Dumbledore only to lose themRead More →

Fifty. That’s how many months the Tiny Empress has been with me. Not counting those in utero of course. She has learned a phenomenal amount in that time. Fifty months to learn to walk, talk, feed herself. She can write her name, sing the alphabet as well as a few favourite songs and nursery rhymes. She can count to 30 and with a little help, beyond. “What comes after 39 mama?” “40” “41, 42, 43 … ” She has a lot of favourite things: food, toys, people, clothes, jokes, songs, et al. She has a great imagination, loves to read books, has a better memoryRead More →

For the Daily Prompt Eyes What colour are my eyes babe? “You don’t have eyes Alex,” I look over to find him laying on the couch, his eyes closed. Of course I do. What colour are they? “You’re not real, therefore no eyes,” I say with a sigh. “We’ve been over this.” Yeah ok, keep telling yourself that. I bet he’s smirking. “Fine. They’re – ” No, it’s okay. no need to pretend. I’m not real so it doesn’t matter. “Alex,” I begin apologetically. I’ve hurt his (my?) feelings. But, consider this; maybe you’re the one who’s not real. “I’m … what now?” Could beRead More →

Daily Prompt Carry Miss 4 the Tiny Empress has a new game she likes to play… Step 1: Runs to bedroom Step 2: Yells for help Step 3: Declares ‘My legs are too tired, can you carry me.’ Since she is the Tiny Empress I usually play the game, especially as I know it wont be long until she is like Miss 8, the Pretween Queen whose constant refrain is ‘go away mum’. Childhood is such a fleeting thing, carry them while you can.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Luxury It’s a short list really: Time Sleep Chocolate Time – there is never enough is there? We go to sleep thinking about the things we didn’t do, wondering when we’ll have the time to do them. Sleep – who has time to sleep? There’s always things to do (see above). Factor in the bare minimum we need and try to get it. If you happen to be an insomniac as well as time poor, well you’re pretty much screwed. Chocolate – now because you didn’t have time to sleep, you’re tired and need the sugar hit right? Hello chocolate! It’s aRead More →

This weeks Discover Challenge is Connection Apparently, there is a way to communicate with the world without being a celebrity of some sort. You don’t have to make a movie or be a supermodel or a reality star. Just by sharing yourself, sharing your thoughts, your writing, your photographs, your art, you too can get that little illicit thrill of being heard. Being acknowledged. Being followed. And not in an evil stalker paparazzi way either. It’s not overly complicated, just start a blog. A what now? I’m pretty new to this blogging world and I wasn’t sure what to do to start. I perused otherRead More →