I can’t explain can’t say quite why but this daily prompt really caught my eye It made me think of the meaning of fluff soft fibers, silly writing or kittens, and stuff I stopped at the writing since this is a blog and thought about things in the punctuation catalogue it sprang to my mind with nary a thought the oxford comma is well under sought I offer you memes to show you their use and one as a caution of comma abuse I hope this helps and saves you regret when that missing comma means you cooked your petRead More →

I love this prompt! Everyone’s singing Sympathy For The Devil and that’s totally my jam. Pleased to meet you indeed… Me? Let me introduce myself… hahaha. That’s redundant and maybe bordering on plagiarism. You already know me. I’m the little voice inside your head who tells you to eat the cake, drink the alcohol, spend the money, break the speed limit. All those little things you know you shouldn’t be doing. And what do you do about it, about me? You feed me. You give in to my urges. You eat and drink. You live to excess. All the while moaning about how life isn’tRead More →

I wrote some purple prose Filled it with profanity Thrusting and grinding Lust induced insanity My language was too strong I was censored and redacted I had to cut some words My scenes were too protracted Here’s what I was left with The editor’s edition They say it’s fairly good But still needs some revision Once upon a time there was a girl She ventured out into the world She met a boy and long story short He was kind and sweet and just her sort They went on a date They had a little fun Fell in love and got married Then the storyRead More →

Music starts and I sing along It’s automatic with this song I’ve sung these words so many times Know every verse and every rhyme You know it too so sing along The universal hit, happy birthday song Happy birthday to you You smell like shampoo What’s going on? Can’t you sing along? What the hell do you mean I’m saying it wrong? I’ve sung this forever Over and again Let’s try it once more You can do it my friend! Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you You look like a monkey And you smell like one too It’s not my birthday So don’tRead More →

If you go to the toilet And make a smear It’s not polite To leave it there Look to the side You’re sure to find A tool to clean If you’re so inclined The toilet brush Is always there Pick it up If you dare Grip the shaft And work the head Round and round That stain might spread Work it harder Scrub that shit Your arm gets tired But you commit Rub it good Rub it hard Really go That extra yard Till finally That stain is gone The toilet brush Has finally won That humble tool Has saved your pride And thanks youRead More →

Alex is singing: “Something’s missing in my life, maybe it’s you.” “Maybe it’s chocolate,” I counter. He snorts, changes songs. “I ain’t missing you, no matter what my friends say.” “Your friends say you miss your hand th-” He went punk. “Don’t waste your time on me you’re already, the voice inside my head, I miss you miss you.” “And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain.” “Huh.” He frowned at me. “What?” “First rule.” He held up a finger and looked at me expectantly. I sighed then mumbled, “I don’t sing.” “Then I was thinking.” “Did you hurt yourself?” “Funny,” he saidRead More →

Here we go again with the crazy words. What rhymes with culture? Vulture. Agriculture. Let’s see how bad this can get … There once was a turkey vulture He really loved agriculture He liked to grow plants And wear baggy pants He dug in the dirt In his chambray shirt He pulled the weeds And planted his seeds He watched them grow And played banjo He lives alone Because he doesn’t like bones A vegetarian vulture That ain’t no culture!Read More →

This time of year there’s a lot of excitement around. There’s turkey day coming then after that there’s oh no I didn’t finish my NanoWriMo novel day™, then we have tree day (not an actual set date for everyone, December 1st for my house), last day of school day™, first day of holidays day™, then of course eat all you can and open presents day™. All very exciting! But for me it’s exciting for a different reason. It’s almost summer and that means we can have the windows open most of the time (having just been through a bitterly cold winter, this is a realRead More →

  Whether you’re tart Or whether you’re sweet You still have the stuff That I like to eat Open my mouth To lick and suck Let’s make it real dirty End with a fuck Did I burn my tongue Or did we have nookie Drag your mind from gutter Have a taste of my cookieRead More →

Everyone knows Bob the Builder? What about his friend Lofty? Lofty is not very confident. He sort of reminds me of Neil from The Young Ones … Bob: Can we fix it? Scoop: Yes we can! Lofty: Um… yeah, I think so. Depends on what you’re talking about though. Some things yeah you probably can. Other things, you need to realise it’s not fixable and just move on. Still other times we keep hoping and trying, like with the Daily Prompt. I look at it some day and think; “You’re drunk Daily Prompt, go home.” Or as Bob would say:Read More →

This weeks Discover Challenge features a picture of Superman, the ultimate superhero. The challenge invites us to (among other things) write a superhero story or maybe invent a totally new superhero. For me, when I think superhero I think comics. I didn’t grow up reading superhero comics, my short-lived relationship with comics took place in my early twenties. It was one of those things most girls will understand, the guy who worked at the comic shop was HOT. So I bought comics from him. No, wait. There’s more to the story, something about superheros right? One of my best friends was really into comics (stillRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Eyes We’re a strange lot ‘Down under’! We say things like: He went off like a frog in a a sock (he’s pretty excited) Flat out like a lizard drinking (really busy) As useful as lips on a chicken (do I have to explain that one?) and of course Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick (just like this post, better than nothing!)Read More →