(Cass Part 10… continues from here) Luka stood outside the door of the apartment, his mind racing. What had just happened? Had he been so caught up in his work that he had missed the glaring signs that his lover, the women he thought of as his life partner, wasn’t happy? But Cass going for a run in the evenings wasn’t a new thing, it hadn’t coincided with the spate of extra work he had been doing from home. Which meant it had to be the man, ‘X’. He paced a few steps from the door and realised he was barefoot. He couldn’t go backRead More →

(Cass Part 9… continues from here) When the person you live with has an acute sense of smell, honesty isn’t an option it’s a requirement. It should be anyway but in my case there’s no hiding the bar of chocolate I ate on the way home or the scent of another man on my skin. I let myself in to find Luka at the dining table his attention on his computer screen. Our apartment wasn’t big enough for an office so he either sat on the couch or at the table and I was relived it was the table tonight. “You’re back.” He looked upRead More →

(Cass Part 8… continues from here) The first time we kissed I was blindfolded. It was a few days after our unexpected paintball meeting, another random rooftop. I thought I was alone as I had been every other night but his voice came out of the shadows, a little angry sounding. “So you know everything about me now?” “You think you’re that important we talked about you when you ran away?” I asked with a laugh. “Most people would.” He was closer, I could almost feel him behind me. “I’m not most people,” I scoffed and shrugged. “Rory said she knew you and you wereRead More →

(Cass Part 5… continues from here) Dean came to stand beside me and draped his arm over my shoulder as I leaned against him “Who else has seen this?” “Just us,” he said and I puffed out a breath in relief. “And me.” “Hunter!” I shrieked and turned towards my twin’s voice to find him stepping out of the shadows. “I hate it when you do that,” I said with a scowl then turned back to the painting. “Fuck, how long have you been there?” Dean growled glaring at him as Hunter came to join us. “Well that’s a cluster fuck Cass,” he said withRead More →

(Cass Part 4… continues from here) Luka had cooked dinner, my favourite chicken and pasta, and we were lingering over bowls of ice cream as we caught up on each other’s day. Nothing unusual, except the ice cream, we didn’t eat that every night. Luka was telling me about the testing he had been doing the last couple of nights how it had identified vulnerabilities that led to more testing and how excited he and my father were about it all. Yes my boyfriend worked with my father but that wasn’t how we had met. Luka’s dad and mine were old friends so we’d grownRead More →

(Cass Part 3… continues from here) “Why do you come here?” I didn’t startle at his voice. I’d heard him following me, heard him swear and scramble at a couple of the jumps too. Couldn’t deny I’d been grinning then either. What did surprise me was that he didn’t sound out of breath. “The view,” I said as I braced my hands on my hips and looked out at the city. “Why do you?” “The view,” he echoed and I turned towards him. “Uh uh, don’t look,” he said softly and I stopped. II didn’t know why I was following his order, the command inRead More →

(Cass Part 2… continues from here) Five weeks ago… I climbed out of bed and stretched my arms over my head feeling pleasantly sated but restless. Luka reached out a hand and ran it down the side of my body to give my ass a squeeze as I grinned down at him. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked in a lazy voice, doing a little stretching of his own making his muscles ripple. I let him grab my hand and tug me back down beside him then lowered my mouth to his for a lush kiss. Everything about the man was lush fromRead More →

(Cass Part 1) Life in a big city should be easier than this, but when everyone knows who you are, getting into trouble can be difficult. I huffed out a breath as I leaped across a gap between buildings, my arms pumped as I ran for the next edge then I was hurtling through space to land in a crouch, dust rising up around my boots. I paused there for a minute, breathing, listening, waiting, then I stood up and walked to the edge of the roof to look down at the city. “You pick the strangest places.” I closed my eyes at the soundRead More →

I walked outside and paused on the sidewalk looking in both directions. Which way? A few steps away the beacon of the streetlight sat, glowing golden and for some reason I thought ‘safe’ and headed there. I dug through my messenger bag and pulled out my cell just as the door to the bar opened and a wolf walked out. His eyes found me immediately, no surprise since I was standing in a pool of light, and he came towards me, stopping a few feet away. “Poppy right?” he asked with a seemingly friendly smile, if you ignored the dripping fangs. “Right.” I nodded butRead More →

I waited for Red outside that night She came out the door with a wolf at her side I took to the shadows to watch and to wait What happened next could decide her fate If she gave him my smile I might attack Spew vile words I couldn’t take back If she held his hand I could explode Slash and rip until warm blood flowed I could become the monster she feared in the dark The beast from her nightmares who broke her heart With claws and teeth I’d show no mercy Complete the tale with no controversy Or I could change the storyRead More →

It should have been so easy. There was no chase, no arguments or coercion. I just walked in and there she was. My Red standing behind the bar. And on the other side of that bar? Prowling, hungry wolves. I lifted my lip in a sneer at them, huffed a laugh. As if they had a chance. She was mine and as her eyes shifted towards me she knew it and I knew it. Just those poor bastards had no idea they were wasting their time. So I took a seat at a table, kicked out my legs and ordered a drink from the newRead More →

Last call came all too soon yet not soon enough. There were only a few stragglers at the bar so I grabbed a tray and went to collect the empties from the tables. By the time I got back Ben was doing his thing at the tills and I handed the tray off to Dulcie and grabbed a cloth to go wipe down the tables and stack the chairs on top, ready for the cleaners to come through in the morning. “Thanks hon,” Dulcie said with a smile that I didn’t return, in fact I had pretty much ignored her all night. I don’t knowRead More →

“What?” I stared dumbly at Dulcie, her words not making sense. “I’m pregnant. And it could be yours,” she repeated, slower the second time. “No,” I snapped and shook my head in denial. “Not possible.” “Well the thing is…” Dulcie’s voice trailed off and she looked down, her bravado disappearing as red stained her cheeks. “No,” I said again with the utmost certainty as Poppy’s behaviour suddenly made sense. That crap about me lying, the cold silent treatment. “I’m sorry Dulcie.” I waited for her to look at me because I wanted her to see how serious I was. “It’s not possible. Nothing happened betweenRead More →

I’m covered in glitter. It’s in my hair, on my face, not by choice, by circumstance. It’s what happens when you find yourself in a club during an 80s revival night. Some of the women had it all over them so as soon as I touched one it was on my hands, then in my hair when I shoved a frustrated hand through it. I’d grabbed the arms of at least a dozen women so far, but none of them had been her, so I was covered in glitter and frustration, a hell of  a combination. I’d told her it was her game to run,Read More →

I sent him an email Filled it with lies Said I wasn’t interested Here’s all the whys I didn’t want a man Who was never around Wasn’t looking for one Who chased redheads down Poppy was proud Wouldn’t be second best Tate should move on With a redhead she guessed Poppy wrote forget me Put me out of your mind Poppy said she knew He had another to find She wrote another time Another place, another world Maybe it would be different Then could I be your girl She signed it with care From Poppy  adieu The words started to blur She added, nice knowingRead More →

It had been three days since I’d met the wolf’s supposed brother and he’d written down the name for me. Three days since I stopped seeing him everywhere too. I had watched Rand leaving with two other men and one of them had paused and looked at me. I’d seen his lips moving, swore I heard a whisper in my ear, “Soon darlin’.” Then someone had called for a drink and when I looked at them, it was them, not him. Rand and the men with him had left by the time I looked back but I had a name. I didn’t know whose nameRead More →

(continues from here) I pushed open the door to my favourite haunt and stepped inside, trying not to smirk too much. “Two wolves walk into a bar,” I muttered to Shawn. He’s about my height, similar build, and with my spell, looks just like me. Shawn grinned at me and said, “The first one asks,’What are you having?’” Red, I think but he hasn’t finished his joke. “The second one answers, ‘Oh the usual. The hair of the dog.’” I shook my head at him, huffed out a little laugh. “Don’t give up your day job man.” He growled and went to go by meRead More →

seeing red not the girl the colour blood floods me pulsing, pounding anger consumes me my heart aches from her rejection a splinter in my soul while she hides behind her spell casting words like bullets she doesn’t know me she wont miss me and that ain’t right when one is drinking whiskey the liquor should burn not my skin from her touch today I’ll wallow but tomorrow I’ll plan craft my own spell to draw her near to make her run where she belongs into my arms Previous episodes hereRead More →

(continues from here) Was he serious right now? As if him flirting with her/me, wasn’t bad enough, now he was asking me/Poppy, about her/me? Did that even make sense? I cast a quick glance around the room and smirked. “You mean the one at the table in the corner?” I nodded towards a bear who was watching Dulcie closely as I grabbed his money and moved towards the register. “No,” he said without even turning to look and my steps faltered. “Well,” I shrugged. “I didn’t see anyone.” “Oh that’s right.” He tapped a finger on his lower lip as if he was thinking. “YouRead More →

I worried about Dulcie. She was surrounded by bears and she had no idea. They were over by the pool table growling at each other, they were clustered around her end of the bar glaring at each other, and they were sitting at the tables watching her. She smiled and laughed and flirted and at the end of the night the bears all went home alone and Dulcie raked in the tips. Occasionally one wandered my way, drawn by the golden tresses of my Poppy-guise, but they never stayed long. My end of the bar was quite diverse. Witches, Huntsmen, the occasional Bear, a WolfRead More →

need to filter my thoughts they’re much too dirty dancing with this Wolf makes me feel so flirty his chest so hard his shoulders so wide his lips so tempting that look in his eyes I could take him home try him for a night but with my hair so blonde it doesn’t seem right I don’t want him to want any woman but me can’t he feel my soul why can’t he see this spell is really swell but it’s breaking my heart because my Wolf wants Poppy and that’s tearing me apartRead More →

It’s like déjà vu all over again. I’m standing outside of the bar and he’s walking towards me. He’s alone and worry and guilt flood me. Where are the others? Where’s Dulcie? Why did I let her leave with him? I know what he is, I should have said no, made her stay and finish her shift. I stormed up to him and shoved him in the chest. “Where’s Dulcie! What have you done to her?” “Whoa!” he grabbed my arms as he stumbled back a step, taking me with him. Somehow he turned and I found myself with my back against the wall, hisRead More →

It was Ladies Night and we were busy. I don’t know if it was the two for one cocktails, Saturday night from 6 – 8pm, or our regular clientele that had the place packed. One thing was for sure, those regulars were enjoying the attention. You would think these women had never seen a real man before, the way they fluttered around and giggled. The way they exposed too much skin. This was the third week of the promotion and our busiest so far. Some of the women had even started coming in during the week, much to the delight of the Wolf-pup. Profits wereRead More →

It’s been three days since I’ve seen the beast. I’ve found myself loitering after my shift in case he was coming in later. Even now, I’m hesitating in the doorway though my shift ended thirty minutes ago. What am I waiting for? I thought I would enjoy not seeing him, not worrying that he would see through the disguise, but I’m lingering, just in case. “You’re an idiot,” I muttered to myself and gripped the ring. I’m ready to shed the spell for the night, ready to be me again. I slid it to my first knuckle and felt lighter. I looked down at myRead More →

Why can’t I stop thinking about that girl? Aestheticly speaking, I can see the appeal But… she’s not the one for me Not matter what I feel, it’s what I see That tells me she’s so wrong So why the hell do I prolong This agony of base desire Let her presence stoke the fire My hunts all end up in this bar I just can’t seem to wander far This attraction a distraction I need a plan of action Need to get back on the trail Can’t allow myself to fail There’s two girls on my mind But only one I need to findRead More →

I was feeling so conflicted… happy because the disguise was working, my wolf didn’t know me! Then angry because the disguise was working, my wolf didn’t know me! Shouldn’t he know me? Regardless of how I looked, didn’t his soul sing for me the way mine did for him? Couldn’t he feel me beneath the surface? I looked in the mirror at the face that was mine but not mine. The hair colour wrong, my eyes the wrong shape, my lips too thin. The ring I’d bought to hold the spell sat heavily on my finger, the clear stone a dull red, as if itRead More →

So everyone is talkin’ ’bout a wolf Guess that’s me I’m no wolf though Just a man, as you can see Don’t know why My girl ran away Was it something I did? What the hell did I say? Now she’s leaving me clues Leading me around I’m sick of the chase Time to run her to ground The odds are uneven It’s all in my favour She’s my damsel in distress And I’m her fucking saviourRead More →

The wolves are everywhere you know. An infinite variety. All waiting to eat you up. And if the wolves don’t get you, there are the bears. And the witches. And the huntsmen. The world is a dangerous place for a girl these days. I ran away from a wolf and he did not take my leaving very well. He pursues me still, leaves me odd messages, sends me notes full of sorrow and apology, begs for forgiveness and offers redemption. I burn them all, every single one. I don’t even read them any more. It’s too late anyway, there’s another wolf on my trail andRead More →

“Cut, cut, cut, gonna carve it in my skin, that way I wont forget, that trust is such a sin. Cut, cut, cut, gonna do it nice and deep, don’t want it to heal up, when I fall asleep.” She hummed a cheerful tune as blood dripped with a soft plop, plop, plop onto the pillow. “There now,” she whispered, dabbing her arm with a tissue. She wanted to use the salt but she had screamed so loudly last time that they had time to treat it. Not this time. Even without the salt it was too deep. “Bed time!” The lady came into theRead More →

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he gasped as he lowered her head to the floor. “I’m really sorry.” He stared into her lying eyes one last time then used his fingers to push down her eye lids. “You made me do it,” he muttered as he climbed to his feet  to stare down at her. After a minute he shook his head and took a deep breath. No time to stand around, he had work to do. First, her computer. That’s where all the trouble had started. He’d noticed the change in her, how eager she was to turn it on every day, heardRead More →

Zombie Serial Episode 7 (read the start here) I woke to the dulcet sounds of the song of my people, the low continuous moan of the zombie choir, so soothing! For once I took the time to appreciate the nuances, the changes in pitch and tone. I don’t know if it would be a number one hit but you might just be able to dance to it. As they sang the chorus again I pried open an eye, checked the door was still closed. Yep. It would have to open soon though, the woman would need another dose of meds and my bag was snugRead More →

Serial fiction part 6 (read the rest here) “D?” “It’s okay baby,” D spoke quietly as he stroked her hair gently. “Doctor Max is going to take care of you.” He watched the other man, saw his eyes fixate on the shotgun for a moment. “I sure am,” Max muttered as he looked away from the weapon and tapped the syringe he’d prepped. “Ready?” “Go ahead,” she said, her voice weak. Max picked up an antibacterial swab and went to open it but found his wrist locked in a strong grip. He looked at D’s hand then up at his face. “Wrist’s are fragile.” HeRead More →

Zombie serial part 5 (read the rest here) Now that was a hell of a mess. Well organised though, bodies to the left, heads to the right. I guess that way there could be no accidental re-attachments. Wait, was that even possible? Who knew? With this new breed of brain munchers, anything was possible really. My jaw cracked in a yawn but I decided not to try to count the hours since I’d slept; pretty sure I’d seen two sunrises without any shut-eye though. I’d been watching the fire station for two hours now and there’d been no sign of life. No signs of theRead More →

“Don’t!” Stomp. “Ever!” Stomp. “Touch!” Stomp. “Her!” Stomp. “Fucker!” “I think he got the message,” she called out from her seat on the steps that led to the second floor. “You think?” Stomp. “Fucker!” She looked over at the body, the stump of its neck, the head a pulpy mass on the ground. “Pretty sure,” she said with a groan. His head came up, his eyes locked on her. “You’re hurt,” he accused, as if he hadn’t just annihilated that undead fucker for hurting her.. “Thank you Captain Obvious,” she said weakly, her hand clamped to her side where blood trickled from the wound. “LetRead More →

Serial Fiction Part 3 (Part 1 here) (Part 2 here) “Ready to run princess?” “Are you serious?” She looked at him with both brows raised. “Have you not noticed the crowd outside?” “Them?” He shrugged, unconcerned. “By the time they see us, we’ll be gone babe,” he said with a grin. “You’re an idiot,” she sighed as she checked her holster then gave her bat a test swing. “Am I crazy?” He struck a thinking pose. “Little bit.” He held up his hand, finger and thumb an inch apart. “Fucking lunatic more like it,” she muttered. “Tell me again why we’re not waiting until nightRead More →

Don’t want to leave you in the lurch but I’m not getting in the zombie story, sorry. Instead, I’m going to leave for a while, but before I go, I’ll leave you some tips. So Princess, here’s everything you need to know about dealing with zombies. First, never assume they are dead until you have chopped their head off. No, scratch that. Never assume they are dead until you have chopped their head off and stomped on it. If there’s still an intact brain they’re not dead. Got it? Second, these fuckers are smarter than you think they are. We’ve seen them organising, planning. DORead More →

The Daily Prompt is Obvious “We are so screwed,” he said under his breath. “Thank you Captain Obvious,” she whispered back. “Do you think they saw us?” “Are my brains being eaten right now?” She arched a brow at him. “Yeah, yeah.” He curled his lip in a sneer and she poked her tongue out at him. Her eyes went wide , horror registered on her face, her hand grabbed for his as he lurched away from the wall he’d been leaning against. They watched as a hand pushed through a small hole, grunts sounding as flesh was flayed from the fingers then the handRead More →

The Daily Prompt is Miniature I dodged a woman pushing a pram, another one with a trolley, then nearly tripped over a kid that was somehow attached to the woman pushing the trolley. Jeez, was that a leash? Did people do that? A closer look revealed a cute plush backpack on the kid with a short strap leading to, what I assumed was, the mother. Huh, a safety device. I got out of the way of another trolley and wondered what the hell I was thinking? I wanted a coffee and my coffee place was here, that’s what I was thinking. Crowds be damned, andRead More →

The daily prompt is Fifty Smoke rose in a fat lazy plume from the car bonnet, the quiet pops of the cooling engine sounding overly loud to the tense inhabitants of the stricken vehicle. “This doesn’t look good,” she muttered as she peered into the distance. “You think?” The thunk, thunk, of shells loading drowned out his curses. “We’ve been in worse situations though,” she said cheerfully as she checked her own weapons. “That’s not exactly encouraging babe,” he said absently as he put the shotgun aside and pulled  a pack from the back seat. “Sure it is. We survived then, we’ll survive now.” HeRead More →