This weeks Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three! Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes. Haiku trinity Coffee – chocolate – salt #1 Early morning brew Luscious latte smells divine Powered by caffeine #2 Dark chocolate bar My sinful sweet bitter treat Gooey in my mouth #3 Lick it from your skin Aphrodisiac delight Always wanting moreRead More →

For the weekly Discover Challenge Outer Layers Jeans and tshirt are the norm Add a hoodie to keep her warm Mostly blue but sometimes pink Pretty boring don’t you think? In summer longer skirts prevail Or maybe a dress she got on sale Sandles for her feet to wear So painted toes are always bare In her wardrobe treasures wait For a special day or that first date Designer pants and designer shoes That outfit will be hard to choose The piece she treasures and loves the best The one that sits above the rest The leather jacket she used to wear When she hadRead More →

This weeks Discover Challenge features a picture of Superman, the ultimate superhero. The challenge invites us to (among other things) write a superhero story or maybe invent a totally new superhero. For me, when I think superhero I think comics. I didn’t grow up reading superhero comics, my short-lived relationship with comics took place in my early twenties. It was one of those things most girls will understand, the guy who worked at the comic shop was HOT. So I bought comics from him. No, wait. There’s more to the story, something about superheros right? One of my best friends was really into comics (stillRead More →

At the request of another blogger, this one’s for Asleep At The Wheel, a character designed for you … “Well this looks interesting.” I looked up and my mouth dropped open. But just a little bit. My teeth snapped together as I glared at the two, count them, two men sitting at the table with me. “Alex!” I snapped. “What babe?” He mumbled, not looking up from the handheld game he was playing. “I think you have company.” I narrowed my eyes at the other man as he winked at me then leaned over to see what Alex was playing. “Oh. Hey,” he looked upRead More →

This weeks Discover Challenge is Connection Apparently, there is a way to communicate with the world without being a celebrity of some sort. You don’t have to make a movie or be a supermodel or a reality star. Just by sharing yourself, sharing your thoughts, your writing, your photographs, your art, you too can get that little illicit thrill of being heard. Being acknowledged. Being followed. And not in an evil stalker paparazzi way either. It’s not overly complicated, just start a blog. A what now? I’m pretty new to this blogging world and I wasn’t sure what to do to start. I perused otherRead More →

Discover Challenge Shared Journeys In my head there are voices. No, I don’t have a mental illness, I’m a writer. The voices are my characters, waiting for their stories to be told. Sometimes they are very loud, all clamouring to talk at once. Other times, you could hear a pin drop. Right now, they are subdued, just quiet whispers in the background. I like to picture them hanging out at a bar, having a quiet drink, I’m sitting in a corner hunched over my keyboard and every now and then, one of them wanders over to chat and their story progresses. Among them, is myRead More →

Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind Dream big or go home. Or is it go hard or go home? Whatever it is, I took it to heart and I went. Far away from home, leaving it all behind. Friends, family, work. Roughly 3400 kms or 2100 miles. People do it all the time, spread their wings and fly, pack their bags and run. At the time it seemed like an easy choice to make, a Big Adventure. And it was. I met people, I saw places, did things that I would never have done if I’d stayed nestled in the heart of my overRead More →