The Daily Prompt is Jeopardize Another discussion with Alex … “Here be dragons!” “What?” “Well that would surely jeopardize the journey right?” “Jeopardise what journey? Bloody z or s spelling.” “Wasn’t that what you were thinking? Something about a journey, a crossroads, facing a fear.” “Mmm, something like that I guess.” “You’re too busy reading that blog though.” “Well, it’s about a trip, lots of jeopardy. Changing priorities, changing world views maybe … I don’t yet, there’s still a bit to go …” “What’s it called?”Read More →

For the Daily Prompt Eyes What colour are my eyes babe? “You don’t have eyes Alex,” I look over to find him laying on the couch, his eyes closed. Of course I do. What colour are they? “You’re not real, therefore no eyes,” I say with a sigh. “We’ve been over this.” Yeah ok, keep telling yourself that. I bet he’s smirking. “Fine. They’re – ” No, it’s okay. no need to pretend. I’m not real so it doesn’t matter. “Alex,” I begin apologetically. I’ve hurt his (my?) feelings. But, consider this; maybe you’re the one who’s not real. “I’m … what now?” Could beRead More →

“Incoming!” The cry rang out as a ragged ball of red streaked across the sky. A moment later a ball of blue flew to meet it and they collided, exploding like a demented firework, red blue and purple raining down. Across the field a green glow spread, absorbing the falling streaks then the night fell silent again. “How many more times can you do that?” Ava shrugged as she lifted a water bottle to her mouth. “As many times as I need to.” “Ava,” Kisten sighed. “Kist,” she sighed back then grinned at him. “I’m fine, promise. Just hungry,” she said hopefully. “Well I canRead More →

The daily prompt Complicated “Sounds like they’re playing my song.” I don’t look up from the book I’m reading but I grin as I hear her sigh. “Come on babe, don’t pretend you’re not thinking about me.” “Yeah, yeah, you’re all sorts of complicated Alex,” she mutters but I don’t think she really means it. “Babe? How would you define our relationship?” I ask then I yawn. “What relationship? You’re Alex, you’re … not real.” She looks at me with a frown. “Are you?” I shrug and start singing … “Four o’clock in the morning The lights are on and I’m talk, talk Talking toRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Complicated “Can we get Oreos?” “Of course darling,” I looked into my baby’s blue eyes, the only thing she’d gotten from her father, and smiled. Apart from her eyes, she was a mini me, same dark hair and olive toned skin, same bone structure. Nothing like my ex with his blonde hair and pale skin. “Strawberry please,” she gave me her gap toothed smile as I picked up two packages of cookies. We carried on shopping, bread, milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables filled out trolley then we headed for the register. Groceries bagged I pushed the trolley with my precious cargoRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Reach “Are we doing the verb or the noun?” Alex asks around a yawn. “Are we there or can we get there?” I shrug. “I’m not sure.” “Have we reached our destination or can we reach our destination,” he says in an absent tone. “We need a song now.” “‘The Distance’,” I suggest. “‘500 Miles’,” he counters. “‘Life is a Highway’.” “‘She Drives Me Crazy’,” he says with a smirk. “If only we could reach an agreement,” I mutter.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Obsessed She left. Two weeks later I still can’t really believe it. She took one sip of her coffee then stood up, said she had to go and she did. I sat there in shock as she stepped over my leg which was blocking her in and watched her rush out the door. By the time I got my brain working well enough to follow, she was gone, disappeared into the crush of weekend shoppers. We had barely spoken, I didn’t even know her name. That should have been the end of it but I was obsessed, couldn’t stop thinking about her.Read More →

Another response to the Daily Prompt Maybe because Alex wont shut up! Maybe you should write something interesting babe. I cut my eyes to him, he’ sitting at the table shuffling cards? “I’m trying to,” I mutter and go on thumping the keys. More interesting then, he starts dealing the cards. “What are you doing?” I scowl as he pushes a hand towards me. I think you need some inspiration, maybe a game of ‘go fish’? “What exactly do you think I’m writing?”  I look at the cards then throw them down on the table. Hmmm … He peers over my shoulder. Strip poker then?Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Maybe “‘Is This Love’?” “Well it’s ‘More Than A Feeling’.” “Am I ‘Always On Your Mind’?” “I’ll be sad ‘If You Leave’.” “Baby please, I ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love’.” “‘Let’s Talk about Sex’.” “‘I Only Want To Be With You’,” “Don’t be so serious, ‘Let’s Dance’!” “You make me ‘Crazy’.” “‘Do You Love Me’?” “Hmm, ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps’.”Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Luxury It’s a short list really: Time Sleep Chocolate Time – there is never enough is there? We go to sleep thinking about the things we didn’t do, wondering when we’ll have the time to do them. Sleep – who has time to sleep? There’s always things to do (see above). Factor in the bare minimum we need and try to get it. If you happen to be an insomniac as well as time poor, well you’re pretty much screwed. Chocolate – now because you didn’t have time to sleep, you’re tired and need the sugar hit right? Hello chocolate! It’s aRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Stubborn Serial Fiction Part 5 Previous instalments here “Ty we need to stop!” Ben suited actions to words and stopped walking. “She’s here,” Ty turned to walk backwards, slowing down a little. “We’re so close, I can taste it.” “You said that six blocks ago,” Ben grumbled but started walking again. “Why the hell didn’t Carson call it in sooner,” Ty said for the umpteenth time. “He said he wasn’t sure it was her,” Ben repeated the flimsy excuse the other agent had given. They all knew Carson had probably tried to make a link himself. Finding a partner was … difficult.Read More →

Today’s daily prompt is Craving Part 1 here Part 2 here “I’ve been in here a time or two,” I admit as I fiddle nervously with my bracelet. “You?” “First time,” he smiles and leans his elbows on the table, his body tilted towards me. “Coffee must be good if you come back here for it.” “It is but it’s also convenient,” I shrug. He nods and looks beyond me at the shopping mall. “I can see how it would be.” “It is,” I nod and wonder what I’m saying. I can’t even make small talk with him! I’m ridiculous! I’m saved from saying somethingRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Muse So I see the daily prompt pop into my reader and I know immediately it’s trouble. Hey baby, you talking about me? See? “Nope, we’re doing muse today. You know, to think about or consider something.” Or the other one, a source of inspiration. AKA me, Alex smirks “Or I could pick a Muse? Melpomene? Write something sad?” Just don’t put on Xanadu. A place where nobody dared to go “What’s wrong with Xanadu?” I interrupt his awesome rendition. What about the band? “Meh,” I shrug. A different Muse then? Erato? Write me a love poem “Hmmm,” I consider AlexRead More →

This weeks Discover Challenge is Connection Apparently, there is a way to communicate with the world without being a celebrity of some sort. You don’t have to make a movie or be a supermodel or a reality star. Just by sharing yourself, sharing your thoughts, your writing, your photographs, your art, you too can get that little illicit thrill of being heard. Being acknowledged. Being followed. And not in an evil stalker paparazzi way either. It’s not overly complicated, just start a blog. A what now? I’m pretty new to this blogging world and I wasn’t sure what to do to start. I perused otherRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Profound Part 1 here “Hey wait!” I reach out and touch her shoulder, this slip of a woman who just gave me the filthiest once over, the most profound eye fuck I’ve ever received, as she walked by. I had to call her on it, any excuse to talk to her. She spins back to face me, her hair flaring out a little before settling, the long black strands tinted with blue and purple reaching half way down her back. Her head tilts back as she looks up at me, arching a brow in question. “You can’t just,” I fumble forRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Apology “Excuse me.” I look up, way up into a strong featured face, brows a little heavy, sharp cheekbones, square jaw. I have to swallow before I can answer. “Yes?” “I think you owe me an apology,” I watch his lips move as he speaks so it takes a moment or three for his words to sink in. “I … sorry, what?” I shake my head in confusion and manage to drag my eyes back to his. I suppress my sigh at how green they are because that would be you know, inappropriate. “You owe me an apology,” he repeats himself patiently,Read More →