(continues from here) “What are you thinking about tesoro?” Luka’s voice was as lazy as the fingers he was combing through my hair as we sat on the couch, a tangle of limbs as a movie played that neither of us was truly watching. He was thinking about his work and I was thinking about… other things. “My parents.” “What about them?” “Just how happy they are.” “Are we not so happy then?” Luka asked lightly. “Of course,” I answered quickly, maybe too quickly as I found myself flat on my back with Luka hovering over me, looking deeply into my eyes. “Then why don’tRead More →

I’m no paragon of virtue, vice is too much fun I’m never being chased, yet I’m always on the run I’m lusting over here, and preening over there Everything is to excess, consumption everywhere Don’t be jealous of my ways, you know we’re all the same We leave the mess for someone else, and go on with our games There’s a question in your eyes, am I proud of what I’ve done? I don’t have time to think of that, I’m too busy having fun! I might leave you sad and broken, I might leave you mad and crazy I might care for you anotherRead More →

Days go by in increments Seconds, minutes, hours Still I’m here alone Staring at the flowers You sent them to appease A token of your regret For that thing you don’t remember The one I can’t forget You radiate such charm No one would ever know The real you that you hide The one that lurks below The face they’ll never see That haunts me in my dreams The monster that you are That loved to hear my screamsRead More →

(continues from here) Dean came to stand beside me and draped his arm over my shoulder as I leaned against him “Who else has seen this?” “Just us,” he said and I puffed out a breath in relief. “And me.” “Hunter!” I shrieked and turned towards my twin’s voice to find him stepping out of the shadows. “I hate it when you do that,” I said with a scowl then turned back to the painting. “Fuck, how long have you been there?” Dean growled glaring at him as Hunter came to join us. “Well that’s a cluster fuck Cass,” he said with an arch ofRead More →

(continues from here) Luka had cooked dinner, my favourite chicken and pasta, and we were lingering over bowls of ice cream as we caught up on each other’s day. Nothing unusual, except the ice cream, we didn’t eat that every night. Luka was telling me about the testing he had been doing the last couple of nights how it had identified vulnerabilities that led to more testing and how excited he and my father were about it all. Yes my boyfriend worked with my father but that wasn’t how we had met. Luka’s dad and mine were old friends so we’d grown up knowing eachRead More →

(continues from here) “Why do you come here?” I didn’t startle at his voice. I’d heard him following me, heard him swear and scramble at a couple of the jumps too. Couldn’t deny I’d been grinning then either. What did surprise me was that he didn’t sound out of breath. “The view,” I said as I braced my hands on my hips and looked out at the city. “Why do you?” “The view,” he echoed and I turned towards him. “Uh uh, don’t look,” he said softly and I stopped. II didn’t know why I was following his order, the command in his voice. IRead More →

(continues from here) Five weeks ago… I climbed out of bed and stretched my arms over my head feeling pleasantly sated but restless. Luka reached out a hand and ran it down the side of my body to give my ass a squeeze as I grinned down at him. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked in a lazy voice, doing a little stretching of his own making his muscles ripple. I let him grab my hand and tug me back down beside him then lowered my mouth to his for a lush kiss. Everything about the man was lush from his lips toRead More →

Life in a big city should be easier than this, but when everyone knows who you are, getting into trouble can be difficult. I huffed out a breath as I leaped across a gap between buildings, my arms pumped as I ran for the next edge then I was hurtling through space to land in a crouch, dust rising up around my boots. I paused there for a minute, breathing, listening, waiting, then I stood up and walked to the edge of the roof to look down at the city. “You pick the strangest places.” I closed my eyes at the sound of his voiceRead More →

It was the qualm before the storm The cats were stacked against us We were banking up the wrong tree We’d put our legs in just one basket It took two of us to tangle And we’d really lost the pilot Up the creek with just one peddle There were no clowns with silver linings To add assault to injury We weren’t playing with a full duck And the elves had left the building What’s that saying? Just my luck!Read More →

Watch me cry my bitter tears Slowly washing away my fears I’m standing stronger than before Since you don’t love me anymore The words you said you can’t recall We were always headed for this fall The time for change has passed us by There’s nothing left to do but cry Cry baby, as I walk away Cry baby, I wont rue this day Cry baby, we weren’t meant to last Cry baby, now I’m in your pastRead More →

I love this prompt! Everyone’s singing Sympathy For The Devil and that’s totally my jam. Pleased to meet you indeed… Me? Let me introduce myself… hahaha. That’s redundant and maybe bordering on plagiarism. You already know me. I’m the little voice inside your head who tells you to eat the cake, drink the alcohol, spend the money, break the speed limit. All those little things you know you shouldn’t be doing. And what do you do about it, about me? You feed me. You give in to my urges. You eat and drink. You live to excess. All the while moaning about how life isn’tRead More →

I walked outside and paused on the sidewalk looking in both directions. Which way? A few steps away the beacon of the streetlight sat, glowing golden and for some reason I thought ‘safe’ and headed there. I dug through my messenger bag and pulled out my cell just as the door to the bar opened and a wolf walked out. His eyes found me immediately, no surprise since I was standing in a pool of light, and he came towards me, stopping a few feet away. “Poppy right?” he asked with a seemingly friendly smile, if you ignored the dripping fangs. “Right.” I nodded butRead More →

I waited for Red outside that night She came out the door with a wolf at her side I took to the shadows to watch and to wait What happened next could decide her fate If she gave him my smile I might attack Spew vile words I couldn’t take back If she held his hand I could explode Slash and rip until warm blood flowed I could become the monster she feared in the dark The beast from her nightmares who broke her heart With claws and teeth I’d show no mercy Complete the tale with no controversy Or I could change the storyRead More →

In the three days since I dropped my Poppy-guise, Tate hadn’t spoken to me. I didn’t even know if he’d looked at me since he no longer sat at the bar, instead taking a table and letting our new waitress serve him. Jen had started that same day and with her midnight hair and moonlight skin had all the witches vying for her attention while the bears ambled around happy for her to just smile at them. Dulcie still held the bulk of their attention though and had them puffing up their chests and banging their heads together. As for the wolves, I was surrounded.Read More →

Will you baptise me with your love Will you immerse me in your desire Will you let me hold your heart Will you bathe me in your fire Will you find me in the darkness Will you lead me to the light Will you compel me to your wishes Will you make this all seem right Will you drown me in attention Will you subvert my one true will Will you desecrate my body Will I be your favourite killRead More →

It should have been so easy. There was no chase, no arguments or coercion. I just walked in and there she was. My Red standing behind the bar. And on the other side of that bar? Prowling, hungry wolves. I lifted my lip in a sneer at them, huffed a laugh. As if they had a chance. She was mine and as her eyes shifted towards me she knew it and I knew it. Just those poor bastards had no idea they were wasting their time. So I took a seat at a table, kicked out my legs and ordered a drink from the newRead More →

Once upon a time a wolf went prowling Found a little girl who had his senses howling He followed her trail as she led the chase Was she out of his league, would she win this race Then one dark day the wolf hunted her down It wasn’t a girl but a woman he found He bided his time and changed his plan Wanted to win her heart, to be her man They danced under moonlight, he made a play She took two steps forward then one away They danced in a club and he called her bluff So she showed her true face, hopedRead More →

Cursor blinks as I think and think What the hell will I write? Don’t want to ruminate Or I might fumigate The good idea That I had right here But if I try to jot it down It floats away without a sound Maybe I should ponder Then that thought might wander Back into my brain Except now it’s just too lame Mind too tired Or needs to be rewired Because I don’t want to think about you Don’t want to write what will never be true Don’t want to pretend or fantasise Imagining dreams I’ll never realise Longing for your kiss, craving your touchRead More →

I have no desire to be The belle of the ball Not looking for attention Didn’t ask them to fall I’m just looking for a face Searching for a chance Waiting for a moment This game becomes a dance There’s a fire in his eyes There’s a promise in his stare There’s a warning in his smile A sense of menace in the air If I were smarter I would run But I just can’t turn away He’s my Wolf and I’m his Red It’s all been building to this dayRead More →

careful what you wish for words whisper through my mind spent so long searching for but never thought to find a girl timid and reticent shy and so demure but one with fire in her eyes a heart and soul so pure her hair awash in flame her eyes a golden snare her smile unforgettable an answer to my prayer she’s all of that and more and much to my delight she’s not hiding any longer I’ve got her in my sight there’s no question in my mind no doubt we’re meant to be it’s time to win her over prove she’s the one forRead More →

There’s no slowing down I wont hesitate Want to stake my claim I just can’t wait Been playing a game Indulged in a dance Now is the time I wont miss this chance Got to find the right words To make her believe She’s the one for me I’m all that she needs Will I win her heart Will I claim her soul Will we be together Will she make me wholeRead More →

Last call came all too soon yet not soon enough. There were only a few stragglers at the bar so I grabbed a tray and went to collect the empties from the tables. By the time I got back Ben was doing his thing at the tills and I handed the tray off to Dulcie and grabbed a cloth to go wipe down the tables and stack the chairs on top, ready for the cleaners to come through in the morning. “Thanks hon,” Dulcie said with a smile that I didn’t return, in fact I had pretty much ignored her all night. I don’t knowRead More →

Here’s the thing It’s been such fun He knows I’m me So should I run Red is Poppy Poppy is Red Should I stick around See what’s ahead Or do I go Resume the chase Play the game Win the race I want to stand strong Front and center See if that wolf Is a friend or tormentor Not a game any more It’s my life and his Could this really be A love not to missRead More →

“I’m pregnant.” I looked up at Dulcie in surprise. That was not what I’d expected to hear when she sat down opposite me in the break room. Well staff room really, we hadn’t started work yet so we weren’t in a break. Dulcie was an over sharer so I had expected some lewd details from her weekend, had even been a little bit excited to have something to tell her about. Nothing as explicit as her weekends but that dance with Tate, our second dance, had been worth talking about. Or so I had thought. “Wow,” I managed to say as the look on herRead More →

I was filled with wonder As I backed away He called me Poppy Though I wore my face He knew who I was Likely always had But had played along That wolf so bad What came next? Did I need a hideout? I waited for a growl Expected a shout But he stood and he smiled And he let me go What was he thinking? Would I ever know? I made my way home Found the message he’d sent ‘See you soon’ he’d written But which ‘you’ had he meant Did he like me as Poppy Or better as Red Were we one and theRead More →

I’m covered in glitter. It’s in my hair, on my face, not by choice, by circumstance. It’s what happens when you find yourself in a club during an 80s revival night. Some of the women had it all over them so as soon as I touched one it was on my hands, then in my hair when I shoved a frustrated hand through it. I’d grabbed the arms of at least a dozen women so far, but none of them had been her, so I was covered in glitter and frustration, a hell of  a combination. I’d told her it was her game to run,Read More →

I sent him an email Filled it with lies Said I wasn’t interested Here’s all the whys I didn’t want a man Who was never around Wasn’t looking for one Who chased redheads down Poppy was proud Wouldn’t be second best Tate should move on With a redhead she guessed Poppy wrote forget me Put me out of your mind Poppy said she knew He had another to find She wrote another time Another place, another world Maybe it would be different Then could I be your girl She signed it with care From Poppy  adieu The words started to blur She added, nice knowingRead More →

it’s the witching hour the power hour the gonna get my fix hour… a new prompt is about to drop anticipation grows it just wont stop what will they write I just can’t wait hurry and post don’t hesitate it’s five past now I hit refresh watching the blogs that I like best ten minutes now and nothing new I’ll wait a bit longer what else can I do? an hour is gone I’m starting to doubt waiting for words I can’t live without what happened to x you left me hanging with y write something new please give it a try I’ve set upRead More →

If you hear a grinding noise Don’t pay it any mind It’s just the sound of my brain Starting to unwind The key what makes it go Was turned too many times I thought and thought so frantically I plum ran out of rhymes It’s falling all to pieces There’s fragments everywhere Please don’t look too closely You’ll see my id stripped bare Ignore the ticking and tocking The rumble and the growl They’re just signs it’s finally warming up I’ll start thinking any minute now…Read More →

Wanted to write a poem about seriousness But all that rhymed was deliriousness It felt a little perilous Thought someone might get querulous If I tried to rhyme some other word Things could get quite absurd Try a little deviousness Stop it now, don’t digress This was meant to be a poetic protest Nothing really serious It could go on and on I guess A few lines more or maybe less Stopping now is probably best I say that in all seriousnessRead More →

(continues from here) I pushed open the door to my favourite haunt and stepped inside, trying not to smirk too much. “Two wolves walk into a bar,” I muttered to Shawn. He’s about my height, similar build, and with my spell, looks just like me. Shawn grinned at me and said, “The first one asks,’What are you having?’” Red, I think but he hasn’t finished his joke. “The second one answers, ‘Oh the usual. The hair of the dog.’” I shook my head at him, huffed out a little laugh. “Don’t give up your day job man.” He growled and went to go by meRead More →

Three wolves walk into a bar. There’s no punch line, that is literally what is happening right now. I know they’re not really wolves, but that’s what I see. Everywhere. Him. Tate of the unpronounceable last name which in effect, rendered him unfindable. If I was inclined to look for him that is. He had shot his name at me with a hint of Irish in his voice and it sounded like Fwa-lawn and how the hell did you spell that? Not that I was looking for him. For all I knew he could be here anyway. A few of the men were the rightRead More →

There’s strange things afoot I can feel it in the air I haven’t seen my wolf And yet he’s everywhere Everywhere I look Everywhere I go I see his eyes and face But it’s not the him I know Is there something in the water Is there something in my eyes Everyone I see Is a wolf in his guise But I can’t find the real him The one who owns my soul Who gazed at me so lovingly But somehow I didn’t know Now my heart is yearning for him And I’m longing for his touch I’m the one who made him go awayRead More →

seeing red not the girl the colour blood floods me pulsing, pounding anger consumes me my heart aches from her rejection a splinter in my soul while she hides behind her spell casting words like bullets she doesn’t know me she wont miss me and that ain’t right when one is drinking whiskey the liquor should burn not my skin from her touch today I’ll wallow but tomorrow I’ll plan craft my own spell to draw her near to make her run where she belongs into my arms Previous episodes hereRead More →

I stood just inside the door, the shadows creeping up my legs, twining around my hands. They knew a game was afoot but they didn’t know the rules any better than I did. I stared at the bar, watching Poppy flip her hair back as she smiled and poured a drink, the ring on her finger glinting in the light. I wasn’t surprised to see it, maybe a little disappointed but what did I expect? For her to take it off and turn up to work as herself? I had seen the way the bar owner looked at her the night before and I wasRead More →

Her eyes took a slow tour over my exposed skin, tracing the black veins. Guilt flashed across her face as she spun the ring on her finger then looked down at it. “This old thing?” She lifted her eyes to mine for the briefest of moments. “I don’t even think it’s silver,” she dismissed. Really? She was going to play it like that? “Give it to me.” I held out the hand that wasn’t pulsing with pain, willing to take another hit to prove a point. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed and went to move away but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. SheRead More →