Right now, it all feels so meaningless (thanks Daily Prompt for the perfect word!). The poetry, the stories, all of it. Why bother? I finished off my Wolf and Red story the other day, the last instalment is here and since then I don’t know what to write. I could check in on Max and the zombie apocalypse I guess. Or my rockstar Nick could finally get his happy ending. Then there’s Alex, he’s had one story but he says it wasn’t really his. I don’t know what he wants to do though. I suppose non of it matters right now. The Tiny Empress wasRead More →

Thought I’d write a little something for the daily prompt minimal but…  My poem didn’t rhyme My fiction wouldn’t flow This minimal post Really does blow It’s just a token effort I didn’t try too hard I’m so laissez faire So  freaking avant-gardeRead More →

Her eyes took a slow tour over my exposed skin, tracing the black veins. Guilt flashed across her face as she spun the ring on her finger then looked down at it. “This old thing?” She lifted her eyes to mine for the briefest of moments. “I don’t even think it’s silver,” she dismissed. Really? She was going to play it like that? “Give it to me.” I held out the hand that wasn’t pulsing with pain, willing to take another hit to prove a point. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed and went to move away but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. SheRead More →

I don’t have a filter for my thoughts, I have a committee. I don’t just blurt out my brain farts. I think about what I’m saying. Some say I over think. I say more people should think more before they share their ‘pearls’ of wisdom’. I’m sick of people using the excuse of ‘I have no filter’ to be rude. Be honest sure, but being rude and nasty under the banner of ‘I just say what I think’ is well, rude. That might work for an eight year old but not for an adult. What happened to ‘if you can’t say something nice, say nothingRead More →

So everyone is talkin’ ’bout a wolf Guess that’s me I’m no wolf though Just a man, as you can see Don’t know why My girl ran away Was it something I did? What the hell did I say? Now she’s leaving me clues Leading me around I’m sick of the chase Time to run her to ground The odds are uneven It’s all in my favour She’s my damsel in distress And I’m her fucking saviourRead More →

This weeks Discover challenge is all about looking back over the year that was, getting a little retrospective. Well with all due respect WordPress, I’d rather not. What I will offer is my top four posts for the year as determined by you, the readers.It was going to be the top three but there are three posts with the same number of likes so you get four. At number one is The Lovecats – a short nonsense poem. Then in chronological order, two, three, and four… A conversation with my muse when I was suffering a little writer’s block – Never, Never Gonna Give You UpRead More →

I’m staring into chaos Looking for a sign Is it my imagination Something I can’t define A voice I thought I knew Words I thought I’d read A ghost from my past Or a figment in my head It’s with great enthusiasm That I comb through every word Are you sending me a message Or am I seeing something blurred A ghost in my machine An echo in mind Looking for an answer Till there’s nothing left to findRead More →

I don’t have Treasure beyond measure To offer or proffer I don’t have Gold that is old To bribe or connive I don’t have A mind so refined To impress or play chess I don’t have Much that is such To endear or keep near I just have A heart that’s in parts To rebuild and repair I just have A soul that’s not whole That needs love and care I just have A space for your grace Please ‘Apply within’Read More →

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies.) A cover of the old Tom Petty hit ‘Free Fallin” is playing on the radio and it’s all too relevant and meaningful … And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows And the good girls go home with broken hearts And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’ And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’ I switched it off before he got to the part where he kills himself because that’s just depressing. I had gone to a dark place when Sienna wouldn’t take my calls, but never thatRead More →

Graceful verse is oversold I’d rather read some dark and bold Throw some shade, a curse or two Use the words that are true to you Don’t hither yon and wherefore there Just brood a mood and brew a stare Bust a rhythm or crack a rhyme Channel Dr Suess, that ain’t a crime Now to confess I think it’s best I ain’t no poet This shows I know it Peace! I’m out!Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Sanctuary I take one last look at the cabin then walk away, leaving Joel and Skye snug inside. It had served it’s purpose as a sanctuary while I recovered from my stay on the island but now I needed to find a different kind of sanctuary. A sanctuary for my soul, to be just a little romantic and a lot melodramatic. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew I couldn’t stay still any longer. Every journey starts with a single step right? I’d taken my first, second, third and counting. Nothing else to do as I walked anyway.Read More →

Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind Dream big or go home. Or is it go hard or go home? Whatever it is, I took it to heart and I went. Far away from home, leaving it all behind. Friends, family, work. Roughly 3400 kms or 2100 miles. People do it all the time, spread their wings and fly, pack their bags and run. At the time it seemed like an easy choice to make, a Big Adventure. And it was. I met people, I saw places, did things that I would never have done if I’d stayed nestled in the heart of my overRead More →

Why are you mad at me? I look up to find Alex sitting at the table staring at me. “I’m not,” I shake my head. Then why are you going to make me fall for her and have a HEA when you know it’s not right? “Alex, we’ve talked about this,” I sigh and close my eyes. Yeah I don’t think you included me in that conversation babe. I think it was going to be an argument so you just skipped it and decided to do what you wanted to anyway. “It’s just a story, what’s the big deal?” I challenge him. That’s my point.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Nightmare Another day another delicious bowl of gruel! “When we get out of here I’m giving this place a big write-up on Yelp,” Joel tells me as he scrapes his bowl clean. “Oh at least 4 stars,” I say with a nod. “I have to deduct one because the wait staff are less than attentive.” “They are very detail oriented though,” Joel says thoughtfully as he places his spoon in the bowl and the bowl on the tray. “They always make sure the table has been cleared.” I grunt in agreement as I stack my own tray then get up off theRead More →

This is a list of the songs I have used as titles to my posts. Sometimes there’s a connection in the title, other times it’s the lyrics, and others it’s just about how the song makes me feel … Lover, You Should Have Come Over – Jeff Buckley Just Like Paradise – David Lee Roth Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison Grey Sky Morning – Vertical Horizon Dream Lover – Bobby Darin Save Me – My Darkest Days Every Lie – My Darkest Days The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen Pain – Three Days Grace Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol Not BreathingRead More →

I’m surrounded by chaos today, my mind full of voices, my environment even more so. Solitude used to be a friend of mine, not so much lately. I’m trying to listen to the loudest voice but others keep yelling at me, so many fragments waiting. They’re a snarky charming bunch with too much attitude. I just cut one’s hair, a warning to the others maybe? I have the power. Or maybe just the illusion, the delusion. I like to pretend I’m in control anyway …Read More →

That moment when you realise you’ve spent the last hour looking at photos of Matt Walst instead of writing! Time well wasted but nor really productive. Stalling, not procrastinating. My progress is impeded by my lack of creative direction. And then I go and do an image search … lost time again. I’m stuck in a scene, like I’ve hit the pause button in a movie, only I can’t go forward because I don’t know what I want to happen next. ‘Casual Sex’ in on replay for this one. At the same time another story is building in the background … maybe I need toRead More →