I love this prompt! Everyone’s singing Sympathy For The Devil and that’s totally my jam. Pleased to meet you indeed… Me? Let me introduce myself… hahaha. That’s redundant and maybe bordering on plagiarism. You already know me. I’m the little voice inside your head who tells you to eat the cake, drink the alcohol, spend the money, break the speed limit. All those little things you know you shouldn’t be doing. And what do you do about it, about me? You feed me. You give in to my urges. You eat and drink. You live to excess. All the while moaning about how life isn’tRead More →

This weeks Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three! Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes. Haiku trinity Coffee – chocolate – salt #1 Early morning brew Luscious latte smells divine Powered by caffeine #2 Dark chocolate bar My sinful sweet bitter treat Gooey in my mouth #3 Lick it from your skin Aphrodisiac delight Always wanting moreRead More →

This time of year there’s a lot of excitement around. There’s turkey day coming then after that there’s oh no I didn’t finish my NanoWriMo novel day™, then we have tree day (not an actual set date for everyone, December 1st for my house), last day of school day™, first day of holidays day™, then of course eat all you can and open presents day™. All very exciting! But for me it’s exciting for a different reason. It’s almost summer and that means we can have the windows open most of the time (having just been through a bitterly cold winter, this is a realRead More →