Today’s Daily Prompt: Forbidden “Hey baby, I’ve got something for you,” Alex grinned at me as he walked in the front door. “Oh really?” I looked at his empty hands with a little smirk. “Is it invisible?” “Hmm, nope,” he leaned down over me gave it to me. His tongue sliding slickly between my lips, a teasing lick, a nip on my lower lip. I sighed as he started to back away. The man could kiss. “More,” I whispered as I pushed my hand into his hair, holding him in place as I breathed him in. I loved his hair, the dark strands like silkRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Layers where am I? I feel so alone yet … not? Trapped? I need … her? I can feel …  need her to feel … Me? hello? Can you hear me? who am I? “Alex?” alex. I am Alex. Where am I?” “Come on man, you’re scaring me!” sorry. I can’t find … me? “Can you feel me?” Skye whispers, her breath warm against my ear. “Alex? It’s Joel. Can you hear me?” sky? I know the sky … where is it? where am I?” “Alex?” he calls. “Who are you?” she whispers. Alex “Alex,” I whisper. “Alex,” she whispers. “Oh thankRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Autonomy “I can’t do this alone,” Skye spoke aloud as she paced. She couldn’t sleep, had tried sitting and meditating but she couldn’t settle. She was restless, unsettled, had that feeling of expectation. Something or someone was waiting for her, she could feel it but she couldn’t reach them. Reach Him. Six months ago she’d had the first encounter with him. She wouldn’t call it a dream, it had been while she was in that in-between state, not asleep but not awake. He had said two words, “Hear me.” And she had. So much so she’d searched her room for anything toRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Island “Well, did it work?” The anxious question drew Alex out of his meditative state sooner than he liked. Without answering he stood and stretched, paced across the small space three times before sitting back down on the cot. “Alex?” Joel glared at him from his position on his own cot. “Did you contact her again?” “Yes it worked,” he closed his eyes for a moment to better remember the feel of her under his hands. “And? Will she do it?” “It doesn’t work like that Joel,” Alex said, his voice clipped. “It’s been six months, surely you’ve made progress?” “Six monthsRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Burn “I want you to feel what I feel,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “Tell me,” she lifted her hands and shoved her fingers roughly into his hair. “Hard,” he pushed against her. “Wet,” his tongue licked her ear lobe making her shiver. “Hot,” he slid his hand under her the back of her shirt, his fingers rough against her skin. “I feel that,” she said breathlessly. “What else?” “You want more?” he slid his mouth down her throat, leaving a wet trail. “No, you want more,” she tilted her head to give him better access. “Soft,” he draggedRead More →