Today’s Daily Prompt Admire C’mon babe, think of something “Blah,” I don’t even look up. I admire your dedication to ignoring me “Haha,” I sigh. I can hear the smirk in Alex’s voice Look up the definition, some synonyms. Here we are, cherish, revere … hmmm He’s sprawled on the couch reading a thesaurus? Try and focus here babe, he says then yawns Say something about how you adore and worship me “Pfft,” I roll my eyes. “You’re such a treasure, I appreciate you so much.” Don’t forget respect and honour, he prompts ever so helpfully “You’re a real prize Alex, something to marvel at,”Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt is Elusive Every idea seems wrong, bad, boring. None of the songs I’m playing sound right. I need … I don’t know what. I can’t find the feeling, the word, the concept, that will make it all work. Pfft! “What?” I glare at Alex, sitting with his feet up on the table. Oh poor me, the angst ridden author who just can’t find the words He mocks me with a smirk. “It’s the prompt idiot,” I mutter and give his feet a shove. Weak as – “Bite me,” I cut him off. Is that an invitation babe? “Don’t call me babe,” IRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Sanctuary I take one last look at the cabin then walk away, leaving Joel and Skye snug inside. It had served it’s purpose as a sanctuary while I recovered from my stay on the island but now I needed to find a different kind of sanctuary. A sanctuary for my soul, to be just a little romantic and a lot melodramatic. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew I couldn’t stay still any longer. Every journey starts with a single step right? I’d taken my first, second, third and counting. Nothing else to do as I walked anyway.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Clock “Tick tock Alex, time’s a wastin’.” “Time is irrelevant here,” he opened his eyes, took in the ceiling of the cabin. “True but, we can’t stay here forever,” she sighed. “But I like it here,” he yawned and rolled to his side. “I especially like the view.” “Hmm, I wondered about that,” she stood up from the couch and took a step towards him. “What am I wearing?” She arched a brow in query. “That would be my old hockey jersey,” he said with a sigh of satisfaction. “Come here,” he growled, crooked a finger at her. “We should talk, makeRead More →

You have a book crush I look up to find Alex standing in the doorway. “Where have you been?” I frown at him. Oh you know, around. So who’s your book crush? “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Where were you last night? I had to do … something different.” I didn’t think you’d notice. You spent most of the day reading after all. How’s your word count? “Yeah, yeah,” I ignore his knowing smirk. “I’m allowed to read you know,” I defend myself.. Mmmhmm, book crush I roll my eyes at his sing-song comment. “I had that thing you know? Where you don’tRead More →

Not gonna lie babe, patience is not my strong suite “Yeah join the club Alex,” I sigh. I got out of the desert and off the island “Yeah, good progress, go us!” Well, you didn’t cover that at all so not really “Everyone’s a fucking critic,” I mutter but he barely pauses. Now I’m waiting in the cabin for what purpose? “No idea.” And where are the so called bad guys, shouldn’t they be in pursuit? “Maybe you killed them all when you escaped?” I say unconvincingly. No reason to hide in the cabin then is there? “All the bodies?” On the hidden island whereRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt Drive Alex is singing, the song will be stuck in my head now: Don’t need a pill I can swallow Don’t need a road map to follow “Are we going somewhere?” This is his road trip song after all. Babe, I’m going everywhere with you! His grin is dangerous, his mood even more so. I yawn, it’s late and I’m tired but I can’t resist him. “Can we go tomorrow?” I try not to sound like I’m begging. Poor baby, he says and laughs. He’s full of glee, I should just give in, go along with him. When we’re together nothing goodRead More →

Why are you mad at me? I look up to find Alex sitting at the table staring at me. “I’m not,” I shake my head. Then why are you going to make me fall for her and have a HEA when you know it’s not right? “Alex, we’ve talked about this,” I sigh and close my eyes. Yeah I don’t think you included me in that conversation babe. I think it was going to be an argument so you just skipped it and decided to do what you wanted to anyway. “It’s just a story, what’s the big deal?” I challenge him. That’s my point.Read More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Journey “This should be easy,” Alex flops down on the floor before me. “Should it?” “Sure, you can have Skye reflecting on her journey,” he stacks his hands behind his head, closes his eyes. “Hmmm. I’m not sure,” I shake my head. “Really?” He sighs heavily and sits up to look at me. “Maybe I should pick up where we left off, in the desert?” I rub at my temples and it does nothing to relieve the tension headache I’m carrying. “Rough day babe?” I shrug and just stare at the screen for a while. “I’ll go back to the desert ifRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Cowardice So here’s the thing, this word, I don’t like it. He looks at me with those piercing blue eyes and I sigh heavily. “Alex, it’s just a word, we can make it work.” He shakes his head, scowls at me. Remember where you left me? In the desert, searching. All full of determination. Doing it for her. Remember? Now I’m going to be a coward? “No, of course not,” I assure. “Cowardice is, lack of courage to face something. We can um …” I admit to myself I’m struggling with this but he doesn’t need to know that. We can whatRead More →

Today’s Daily Prompt: Forbidden “Hey baby, I’ve got something for you,” Alex grinned at me as he walked in the front door. “Oh really?” I looked at his empty hands with a little smirk. “Is it invisible?” “Hmm, nope,” he leaned down over me gave it to me. His tongue sliding slickly between my lips, a teasing lick, a nip on my lower lip. I sighed as he started to back away. The man could kiss. “More,” I whispered as I pushed my hand into his hair, holding him in place as I breathed him in. I loved his hair, the dark strands like silkRead More →