Born in the 70s living like it’s the 90s. The truth is out there! Right?

Just a forty-something wannabe writer
Living it up in the land down under
A girl with a poem or a story to write
Take a look around, enjoy my site
I love your comments and enjoy a chat
Thanks for stopping by my online habitat


  1. Hey, I need a beta reader for something. You want a sneak peak? Its 692 words with notes. You can shoot me an email at nox.durante@gmail.com if you are interested. And if you aren’t no worries there either.

    1. Author

      Sure thing, email coming and will look at it in the morning.

  2. Devil Doll is one of my favorite songs:

    Devil doll, devil doll
    Rags and bones and battered shoes

    1. Author

      I don’t know that one, I’m partial to the Roy Orbison song 🙂

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