Introducing Splatt

Introducing Splatt

This is my inkling. I shall call him Splatt! What do you mean that’s not what an inkling is? I had no idea…



    1. Author

      Thanks! Amazing what the mind comes up with after midnight 🙂

  1. The best thing about this is staring at the inkling right at the center point of a solid minute, then shifting your gaze to a blank sheet of paper. He now has green eyes. GREEN EYES! Eeeeeeeeeeeerie.


    1. You spent an minute staring at it? Loser 😉

      1. Maybe, but at least I’m the loser who came up with this brilliant plan. Where were YOU, ya poser?

        1. Dude, I’m being an even bigger loser and staying in bed. Granted I’m not alone but still in bed!

            1. *shudders* bedbugs do not belong in my bed. Way to make me do a through cleaning… Thanks! Just as bad as glitter and sand… tries not to freak out.

    2. Author

      Hours of fun for the whole family!

  2. Awwwwwe I love him. AJ Never gets me any cool pets. I think I want a cat!

    1. Author

      Jut don’t call your cat Splatt, bad idea me thinks!

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