Say Something (about) The Mountain

Say Something (about) The Mountain

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These are the songs that I have been torturing my family with have been on high rotation in my house today…

First ‘The Mountain’ is the highly anticipated new single from Canadian hard rockers Three Days Grace. It’s a catchy little tune, I can see it being used as a motivational tool very easily. My favourite line is:

When I’m lost and want to fade away
I tell myself to live to die another day

Second ‘Say Something’ is latest release from Justin Timberlake and features Chris Stapleton. It’s a very mellow yet deep track, building layer by layer until by the end of it you are in the middle of a phenomenal euphoric choral experience.

It’s Australia Day today and in the words of one our best known musos… ‘do yourself a favour…’



  1. I liked “The Mountain” a lot. I’ve been gravitating towards hard rock more and more, as I’ve gotten SO sick of the “drum machine, keyboard, auto-tune” formula most pop rock sticks to these days, not to mention they’re all written by either Dr. Luke or Max Martin so they sound even MORE similar. Well played to Three Days Grace, then! I’m not so keen on “Just Say Something”, but only as a matter of taste. It’s certainly a production tour-de-force.

    Thanks for posting these, I enjoyed them. And good to see you post an entry again!


    1. Author

      I forgot you work in radio so would be subjected to pop music all day. You have my sympathies! Glad to share some music that didn’t make your soul die a little more. I could say a lot of good things about the TDG song but you already like it so I wont 😉

      I’m in a bit of a creative void right now so look out for more enthralling posts of this nature! No food posts though, I’ll leave the food porn to you sir 😀

      1. Lol. Yeah, don’t wanna gild the lily. My eyes might glaze over and I’ll stop listening to them. Wise girl 🙂 (Hey, you want a hard rock girl band to head bang to? Check out Band-Maid, songs: Thrill and “Real Existence”.)

        I understand about creative voids. Been through plenty of slumps myself. Hang in there, it’ll pass. I’m looking forward to more enthrallment of this time until then 🙂

        MORE FOOD PORN!!!

        1. Author

          Wow, now I know what I want to be when I grow up! Thanks Danger!

          1. I want you to be like that too! I WANT EVERY WOMAN TO BE LIKE THAT!!

            Or at least dress like that 🙂

  2. Happy Australia day! Music is one of those fascinating things, people like what they like but the fascinating thing is how tastes in music can shift and change. I love how music can shift a mood or heighten one. I’ve written many stories while in the afterglow of a good song. I love TDG. I have a heavy fast playlist on my spotify, for house-cleaning that has TDG in there more than once. Justin… he’s hit or miss for me.

    1. Author

      A housecleaning play list? Does it make the cleaning go faster because I would love that 😀 I find it fascinating how divisive music can be. TDG are a great example of that when their line up changed. Five years later and there are still complaints that it’s not the same and the old singer was better. I’m just glad to have new music from a great band!

  3. AJ made me listen to the latter this morning. We aren’t fond of it. AJ is very hard Rock, stopped listening to pop in the second half of college. Ask her why one day it’s a silly reason. Now it’s just grating. However the mountain has been on repeat since released…. good thing I identify with it and like the band…. 🙂

    1. Author

      Sorry you didn’t like the JT song (poor JT isn’t getting a lot of love here!), I know it doesn’t compare to Crazy Frog or Hampton the Hampster, maybe the next songs I share wont annoy AJ quite so much and she’ll tell me that story 🙂

      1. Low blow…. ouch I’m hurt! AJ’s laughing at me. She’s not annoyed by it. Just wasn’t her thing.

      2. Oh and I like your choice of pics too 🙂

        1. Author

          I love the way Brad’s staring off into the distance, wonder what he’s thinking?

          1. probably omg enough already get this over with. I’m sure they did a lot of them.

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