fluff – a poem

fluff – a poem

I can’t explain
can’t say quite why
but this daily prompt
really caught my eye

It made me think
of the meaning of fluff
soft fibers, silly writing
or kittens, and stuff

I stopped at the writing
since this is a blog
and thought about things
in the punctuation catalogue

it sprang to my mind
with nary a thought
the oxford comma
is well under sought

I offer you memes
to show you their use
and one as a caution
of comma abuse

I hope this helps
and saves you regret
when that missing comma
means you cooked your pet


  1. You made AJ giggle….and yes it was AJ and not me :p

    1. Author

      Oh so you weren’t amused? I’ll have to try harder next time πŸ˜‰

      1. No I was amused, but I didn’t giggle… I thought it worth mentioning that AJ giggled over my amusement πŸ˜› I definitely don’t want to cook my family or pets…. I should get pets… a cat maybe?

        1. Author

          AJ is always worth mention πŸ™‚ Um, a pet? They need a lot of time and attention you know, do you have any to spare?

          1. I don’t. But I have 3*ahem* kids at home who have time… a family isn’t complete with out a four leg is it?? Do Dragon’s count? I could get a lizard *grins*

            1. Author

              Not every family has a pet though it could be a good thing for Fae. A lizard or a really big snake? Both sound like fun πŸ˜›

              1. No snakes…. from my reaction to that I don’t think I like snakes. Maybe that’s AJ but either way I think I’ll say no. Far could use a pet maybe part of his therapy we all know the needs

    1. Author

      Thank you, it’s always nice to feel inspired.

  2. The comma is totally fluff! I personally am a habitual comma splicer. I’ve had to really work on using semicolons and transitional phrases lol. They fluff struggle is real!

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