Jolt (Haiku)


  1. Oh yeah… I know this… Currently feeling several jolts and tremors of this ‘need to do something with my life’ thing…

    1. Author

      You get used to them after a while and can just ignore them 😉

      1. Lolololol The thing is I have been ignoring these jolts for far too long. Now, I am running out of things to waste my time. Maybe, I might actually do something worthwhile in the coming days…

        1. Author

          You’ll get there, a little break can be good, give us time to rebuild our creative energies 🙂

          1. I managed to save the creative energy from giving up, for the time being, but it is of little help when it comes to the life outside the small screen… My battle lies outside where many battles are going on at the same time…

            1. Author

              Well you win the battles where you can and work on the bigger ones until you beat them. You can do this 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks! 🙂

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