I love this prompt! Everyone’s singing Sympathy For The Devil and that’s totally my jam. Pleased to meet you indeed…

Me? Let me introduce myself… hahaha. That’s redundant and maybe bordering on plagiarism. You already know me. I’m the little voice inside your head who tells you to eat the cake, drink the alcohol, spend the money, break the speed limit. All those little things you know you shouldn’t be doing.

And what do you do about it, about me? You feed me. You give in to my urges. You eat and drink. You live to excess. All the while moaning about how life isn’t fair. You blame the world for your lapses. It was an open bar. It’s bad luck not to eat the cake. I had to binge watch Santa Clarita Diet and slept in so I was late and had to speed.

Why? Why do this to yourself? Why not say no sometimes? Self denial is good for your soul, or so I’ve heard, and I love a good soul…

Not easily pleased
Maybe your soul can appease
My endless hunger


  1. Eating chocolate and drinking wine is good for the soul too!

    1. Author

      The devil on your shoulder would agree 100% with that and so do I! It’s all about making the right choices and all things in moderation.

      1. Exactly! That’s mymantra- everything in moderation!

        1. I agree. Tho I can think of a thing or two to over indulge in.

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