Cusp (Haiku)

Cusp (Haiku)

Standing on the cusp
Greatness beckons but alas
Cats will rule the world



    1. Author

      That would have been the perfect image! Next time 🙂

    1. Author

      I wasn’t planning to ask him…

        1. Author

          I thought cats were going to rule the world?

  1. My cat is on my nap, so you are preaching to the choir.

    1. Author

      Just don’t let the cat know we know, they like to be sneaky!

  2. What do you mean by will? Don’t they already? They rule my house at least…

    1. Author

      Meow, resistance is futile human!! I mean err, my house is cat free so I’m holding out for humanity!

    1. Author

      And show them the photos!

  3. I could do without the cats. Do love the themed haiku tho.

    1. Author

      Don’t tell but I’m not a cat person either, just a lazy writer who’s struggling to think of more than seventeen syllables right now… could be all the time searching for pics I guess…

      1. There could be worse diversions. Men in kilts being first on my list right now lol

        1. Author

          Pretty sure I exhausted that theme last time and I may be too scared to go look again!

            1. Author

              I’m a glutton for punishment, I went there again 😛

                1. Author

                  Oh the things I saw… a stiff drink is in order!

                  1. I’m sure the minions are in bed so why not. You’d think you’d learn tho. I can just imagine all the hairy men in kilts who … yeah I’m done thinking about that lol.

                    1. Author

                      The sacrifices I make! I did find David Tennant though so it was all worth it 😀

                    2. Author

                      Is that oooh from AJ or you?! Yes, in my post, I should credit it to you really…

                    3. both of us. Tho I’ve never actually watched Dr. Who. But he’s AJs favorite Doctor so it’s hard not to notice.

                    4. Author

                      AJ has great taste 🙂 You might enjoy the time Captain Jack Harkness dropped in on the Doctor too.

                    5. Another of AJs favorites. I’m sure Sage will have me geeked out in no time. His weekly board game ritual with his friends is bound to do me in. OMG, they talk a lot.

                    6. Author

                      Boardgames? Not D&D I hope…

                    7. Not yet anyway. No things they think I might like. Monopoly, Yahtzee, Settlers of Catan, Risk. They haven’t broken out Candy Land for me, but I’m sure it’s on the plate. I saw Sage teaching Drake how to play the other day. I so do not play board games or video games to Sage’s disappointment. I suck at em.

                    8. Author

                      Not Monopoly! That’s okay, you can cook while they play, gamers need food 😀

                    9. That’s usually what I do. They’ve defaulted to Sage’s house, cause I cook for them.

                    10. Author

                      You can teach Alex to cook, I could use a chef in the house!

                    11. That sounds fun. I’m not chef quality.
                      Sage has this awesome kitchen but can’t cook… go figure.

                    12. Author

                      I’ll play games with Sage and AJ while you and Alex cook in that amazing kitchen 😀

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