Prudent (Haiku)


    1. Author

      Oh I haven’t given away all of your secrets!

    1. Author

      It’s hard work finding the pics though!

        1. Author

          I admit to nothing 😀

          1. I know AJ falls down the rabbit hole all too often.

            1. Author

              I know I’ve gone too far when the ‘men’ can’t even grow a decent beard, then I’m firmly in cougar territory and have to go bleach my mind clean 😉

              1. Hah. Yes. There is a very fine line. I have to be careful anytime . AJ can look a lot easier …tho the age thing still is a gotcha.

                1. Author

                  Well if AJ is looking and you happen to peek… no harm!

        1. Author

          Are you trying to spoil my fun or give me ideas?

          1. Not trying to ruin anything. Tho you could start curating them. I’d follow it.

            1. Author

              Having them in one spot like that is nice but a bit lazy. Though when they released their book I read an interview the authors did and they confessed to hooking up with some of their subjects. I don’t live in the right place to make my own collection though, lucky we have the internet!

              1. Yes the internet is full of nice things. Or scary depending on how you look at it.

                1. Author

                  I’ve seen scary! I looked up ‘men in kilts’ a time or ten…

                  1. Lol. A guy in a dress doesn’t us ally do it for me.

                    1. You cheated! Half naked men in anything is not fair!

                    2. Author

                      If you saw what I saw looking for those images… maybe not fair but I earned it!

                    3. Lol. See men in dresses can be scary!!!!!!

                    4. Author

                      I wont go looking for examples on that one!! 😀

    1. Author

      Thanks! High praise, appreciate it 🙂

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