I am…I said

I am…I said

Words typed on a page

Struggle to convey nuance

Needs many adverbs


As an apology for my :cough: crappy :cough: haiku, here are some puppies!


  1. Puppies? Oh yeah there are puppies in the picture… 😉

    1. Author

      Took me a while to find them too!

    2. I’ll take one of them ‘puppies’ home.

          1. Author

            I noticed! Sage sounds delicious…

            1. Very much so. I’d swoon but not my style.

            2. Sorry if this is double posted. He is. I’d swoon but it isn’t my style.

              1. Author

                You would be the one to inspire the swoon I think!

                1. Awww. Don’t think my geeky love swoons… he might leg pop or something. Princess diaries reference I think. God he’s rubbing off on me.

                  1. Author

                    lol! Rubbing is a good thing 😉

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