Don’t Wanna Think About You

Don’t Wanna Think About You

Cursor blinks as I think and think
What the hell will I write?

Don’t want to ruminate
Or I might fumigate
The good idea
That I had right here

But if I try to jot it down
It floats away without a sound

Maybe I should ponder
Then that thought might wander
Back into my brain
Except now it’s just too lame

Mind too tired
Or needs to be rewired

Because I don’t want to think about you
Don’t want to write what will never be true
Don’t want to pretend or fantasise
Imagining dreams I’ll never realise

Longing for your kiss, craving your touch
Knowing what we had, was never enough

Circumstance tore us apart
Left me alone, a shattered heart
Can’t put the pieces together just right
That’s why I’m alone, night after night

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