Could I Be Your Girl

Could I Be Your Girl

I sent him an email
Filled it with lies
Said I wasn’t interested
Here’s all the whys

I didn’t want a man
Who was never around
Wasn’t looking for one
Who chased redheads down

Poppy was proud
Wouldn’t be second best
Tate should move on
With a redhead she guessed

Poppy wrote forget me
Put me out of your mind
Poppy said she knew
He had another to find

She wrote another time
Another place, another world
Maybe it would be different
Then could I be your girl

She signed it with care
From Poppy  adieu
The words started to blur
She added, nice knowing you



  1. I love that song. I need to go back and read Red from the start… the bit I’ve caught is utterly intriguing. A totally fresh idea and spin on the classic.

    1. Author

      It starts out quite dark and… dysfunctional but has evolved from there. It’s a great song from a great artist, Canada has produced lots of great music 🙂

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