Nothing Too Serious

Nothing Too Serious

Wanted to write a poem about seriousness

But all that rhymed was deliriousness

It felt a little perilous

Thought someone might get querulous

If I tried to rhyme some other word

Things could get quite absurd

Try a little deviousness

Stop it now, don’t digress

This was meant to be a poetic protest

Nothing really serious

It could go on and on I guess

A few lines more or maybe less

Stopping now is probably best

I say that in all seriousness


  1. Thank GOD there are people who resist the siren’s call of Free and Blank verse…at least sometimes 🙂 Well done madame, that was quite a fun read!

    1. Author

      Gad you enjoyed it 😀

    1. Author

      Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      Yes, it evolved, almost had a life of it’s own.

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