Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

(…continues from Dancing In The Dark)

The sun was setting, that yellow ball sinking from sight, casting shadows for the monsters to hide in. Maybe I was one of them as I moved in the half light. Was I avoiding the light to not be seen, or was I seeking the shadows? Some days I felt like a monster in my altered form, my Poppy-guise.

Some days I felt like maybe I should just be Poppy. Poppy was fun. Everyone liked her. She got great tips at work. She danced with the Wolf. Poppy didn’t run away either. Poppy tossed her blonde hair and smiled as if she had a secret. Then she thanked the Wolf for the dance and walked away. And when the Wolf called after her that he’d be seeing her real soon, Poppy had laughed and called back, “I hope so!”

Then Poppy had gone home and stared at herself in the mirror. Her fingers had touched the ring with the spell and she’d thought about not taking it off. Ever. Poppy had imagined a life that was hers alone. Well, hers and the Wolf’s.

Then I had grasped that ring and paused. I felt like a prisoner of my own artifice, lost in a maze with no idea how to get out. Poppy was playing a game with the Wolf, not me. My vision blurred and I saw myself screaming, beating at an invisible wall, desperate to get out, while Poppy smiled. My what big teeth she had…


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