Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Music starts and I sing along
It’s automatic with this song
I’ve sung these words so many times
Know every verse and every rhyme
You know it too so sing along
The universal hit, happy birthday song

Happy birthday to you
You smell like shampoo

What’s going on?
Can’t you sing along?
What the hell do you mean
I’m saying it wrong?
I’ve sung this forever
Over and again
Let’s try it once more
You can do it my friend!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too

It’s not my birthday
So don’t wish me one
This is just a silly poem
I hope it was fun!


    1. Author

      Of course! I saved your special verse though…
      Happy birthday to you
      Please don’t eschew
      The left or right nostril
      For your special birthday screw

      1. Special? That’s called “Thursday” around here.

        Lol. THANKS! Very witty, and obviously heartfelt 🙂

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