Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

Do you ever think that if you close your eyes, you might just disappear?

Float away, in drifts of soul, to disperse in the atmosphere

Your heavy metals would twinkle down

Like falling stars not making a sound

Would anyone cry or shed a tear

If one day you just weren’t here

A faded memory

A forgotten song

Were you even there?

Did you ever belong?



    1. Author

      Thank you! 🙂

    1. Author

      Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

      1. Well, do you want the truth to be said?

        1. Author

          This is the sound of my soul!

          1. Then take your seaside arms and write the next line.

            1. Author

              But… I bought a ticket to the world!

              1. Sorry, I was gone for a bit but now I’ve come back again.

  1. PM Dawn! That’s a flashback and a half, nice.

    1. Author

      Thanks 😀

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