Devil Inside

Devil Inside

Interior… Inferior… Lake Superior…

This isn’t getting any better

Want to talk about what’s inside

The devil we hide

Because I can’t abide

The pre-tense and lies

We use to disguise

Who we really are

Because it’s better by far

To be who you think you should

Who others wish you would

When all you really should do

Is above all else be true

To me and to you

Let your true self show

Let everybody know

Say it with pride

I’m a Devil inside


  1. This is nice… In the same lines as what I wrote as well. I specifically liked the line -“When all you really should do, Is above all else be true, to me and to you”.

    1. Author

      Thank you, glad you liked it!

        1. Author

          Thanks, you can say all sorts of things with humour that wouldn’t be accepted so well without!

  2. And what if one is a devil on the outside as well?

    1. Author

      It would never be believed! That’s like honesty is advertising, people just don’t expect it.

      1. Good to know. *he says waxing his mustache and giggling*

        1. Author

          Yeah, your secret is safe with me *she says, rolling her eyes with disbelief*

  3. Really well done!! If everyone were as excepting as others of the other side of the coin. Damn would make my life easier that’s for certain! xx

    1. Author

      Young kids and old people tell the truth, just wait till you’re old! lol

      1. Oh gawd, lol! I am feeling it already 😉

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