The New Year

The New Year

I could hear the party outside my room, the people laughing, the bears growling, the wolves howling. The silly girls giggling. Not me though. I was hiding. In the cupboard. Because he wouldn’t look in here. I’d heard him earlier, searching my room, looking in the closet and under the bed.

Then I’d heard him sigh loudly and proclaim, “Well she’s not in here,” and stomp to the door. Did he think I was stupid? As if a stupid girl was worthy of his attention! I didn’t hear him cross the room again, nor the squeaking of the closet door, because he had fixed that days before. But I knew and I waited.

It may have been two minutes or ten minutes later, time was fluid in the dark. Then the closet door opened with a thud and he stomped to the door again.

“You can’t hide forever Red,” he growled. “And I can run faster than you. Your time is nearly up little girl.”

Then, I heard the door close and his footsteps fade away. I heard the countdown.

“Five, four, three, two, one!”

I eased out of the cupboard, unfolding slowly from the small cramped space. I was grinning though, because I had done it! I’d made it another year without getting caught!


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