Born To Run

Born To Run

I could hear him in the hallway, humming his tune.

“Hey there little red riding hood,” I whisper sung it as I tiptoed to the cupboard, pushed the door so it was almost closed then raced back to the bed and slid underneath.

The humming got louder, then stopped as I lay there waiting. The door creaked open, light falling across the floor as he called my name softly.

“Where are you pumpkin?” he crooned when I didn’t answer.

I wanted to answer, to let him find me, but that wasn’t how this game went. So I stayed silent and watched his legs, so long and strong to chase me with, move into the room. I could picture him looking around, those hypnotic eyes searching the shadows. Then he spotted the cupboard door not quite closed and I heard him huff out a little laugh.

“Come out, come out,” he called softly and walked slowly across the room.

I had to wait, had to wait, for just the right moment. That door creaked like you wouldn’t believe, and as he pulled it open and peered inside I made my move. I’d practised it a hundred times, sliding out from under the bed, arrowing for the open doorway. I was quick and quiet but he had those ears to hear me with and he turned as I cleared the doorway.

Our eyes locked for a moment and a grin spread across his face, those teeth making me weak. I had to run I remembered, that was the game, so I jumped to my feet and ran. I had to hide again, but not too well or he’d mope all night. I didn’t look back but I heard him coming after me, humming that tune.

I whisper sung as I ran, “I don’t think little big girls should, go walking in these spooky old woods alone.”

Behind me he howled.


  1. Pumpkin? I thought predators were carnivores. πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      This wolf likes a balanced diet πŸ˜›

      1. Where’s the fun in that? Bacon, coffee, and doughnuts ftw!

        1. Author

          Well I’m sure they are all things in a a balanced diet. Especially the bacon. Remember the three little pigs? Delicious!

          1. Yeah, but he never ate the pigs. He got cooked at the bottom of their chimney. :S

            1. Author

              He was the sacrificial wolf. The next one came along and it was roast pig all around!

              1. Now that sounds like a post I could sink my teeth into. (Ha! See what I did there?) XD

                1. Author

                  It’s a story worth telling for sure!

      1. Author


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