“Cut, cut, cut, gonna carve it in my skin, that way I wont forget, that trust is such a sin. Cut, cut, cut, gonna do it nice and deep, don’t want it to heal up, when I fall asleep.”

She hummed a cheerful tune as blood dripped with a soft plop, plop, plop onto the pillow.

“There now,” she whispered, dabbing her arm with a tissue. She wanted to use the salt but she had screamed so loudly last time that they had time to treat it. Not this time. Even without the salt it was too deep.

“Bed time!” The lady came into the room, her wide smile disappearing in an instant. “Oh baby, what have you done?” She crossed the room quickly, her Keds squeaking on the floor.

“I had to write a note.” She held out her arm proudly. “Make sure I don’t forget. See?” It was good work she thought, looking down, dabbing gently as blood welled.

“Let me see.” The lady’s hand circled her wrist, surreptitiously checking her pulse.

“Can you read it?” she asked, her face a mask of eager anticipation.

“Yes darling.” The lady looked down at the row of lines and smiled as she reached over and pressed the buzzer for help. “Just like always, trust no one.”

“That’s right!” She jerked her wrist away to clap her hands together happily.

“Oh hell, not again.” It was the man. He didn’t look happy.

She frowned at him and leaned into the lady. “Trust no one,” she whispered. “Every one lies.”

“Hey now, don’t be like that,” the man said with a smile. Not too many teeth, couldn’t let his big bad wolf show.

“You don’t like me.” She pointed her finger, blood splatting on the floor then turned to the lady and whispered, “He doesn’t like me.”

“Of course I do,” the man disagreed and this time he was all wolf. “You’re my favourite little fruit cake pumpkin.”

“I’m nuttier than a squirrel,” she said with a pout.

“So happens I like nuts.” The man reassured her as he reached for her arm and wrapped a towel around it. “Come with me now.”

“Why? Are you going to eat me all up? Take all my nuts? Pillage and plunder? Until poor little Red is torn asunder?”

He grinned, his canines huge, drool dripping. “I’d never do that,” he said gently as he scooped her into his arms.

She looked up at the wolf and shook her head, then with a tired sigh rested it against his chest. “You’re such a liar.”

“Of course,” he agreed easily. “Everyone is.”


    1. Big Bad Wolves are awesome on the bagpipes–so good at huffing and puffing.

      1. Yeah I head the same thing – that they’re good at bringing the house down with those pipes of theirs.

        1. It’d be fun to see Little Red Riding Hood with a wolf who has a Scottish brogue 🙂

          1. Even weirder if she was playing his pipes… (someone was gonna go there eventually)

            1. Author

              Someone always does. That’s why we can’t have nice things around here. Have you seen the mess a wolf can make?

              1. “Huh? Do you know how many Grandma’s a wolf needs to- ” uh, I meant to say “No, I’ve only heard wolves are neat and tidy. Is that not the case?”

                1. Author

                  Did you miss the part about the huffing and puffing?

                  1. Could be asthma – don’t lung shame.

    2. Author

      I’ll remember that for next time!

        1. Author

          Any other requests?

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