Back In Time

Back In Time

This weeks Discover challenge is all about looking back over the year that was, getting a little retrospective. Well with all due respect WordPress, I’d rather not. What I will offer is my top four posts for the year as determined by you, the readers.It was going to be the top three but there are three posts with the same number of likes so you get four.

At number one is The Lovecats – a short nonsense poem.

Then in chronological order, two, three, and four…

A conversation with my muse when I was suffering a little writer’s block – Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Another nonsense poem, you guys like the silly! Nothing Lasts Forever

Last is an episode of my ‘Rockstar’ serial fiction. A letter from a love lorn singer trying to win back his girl – Between The Lines

So there you have it, my top four posts since I started this adventure.

Thanks for reading not just this post, but any other post you took the time to read, like, comment on. And why not make this part of the daily prompt too? I’m standing here clapping like wild for you all, your standing ovation from me. Go on, take a bow, you deserve it!


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