Calm Like A Bomb

Calm Like A Bomb

Some days inner peace is nothing more than a cute meme…

Trouble attaining inner peace? No worries, just keep calm and…

Or shop, eat, call Batman.

Whatever works for you, I wont judge.

Really, why are we so worked up over things?

Why do we need to vent and rant and rage?

Just, you know, calm the fuck down!

Fuck inner peace!
Release your beast!
Calm is for the birds!
Let your anger be heard!
A primal scream!
Against an enemy unseen!
Won’t do a damn thing!
But leave you unhinged!
Rage pouring out!
You scream and shout!
Don’t you feel stronger?
Scream a little longer!
You know you want to!
Keep calm and fuck you!


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