Am I Going Crazy?

Am I Going Crazy?

I’m staring into chaos
Looking for a sign
Is it my imagination
Something I can’t define

A voice I thought I knew
Words I thought I’d read
A ghost from my past
Or a figment in my head

It’s with great enthusiasm
That I comb through every word
Are you sending me a message
Or am I seeing something blurred

A ghost in my machine
An echo in mind
Looking for an answer
Till there’s nothing left to find


    1. Author

      Thank you 🙂

  1. Another great post. You seem like you’re really in control right now.

    1. Author

      Thanks! This one has been brewing for a few days so not sure how much control I had over it.

  2. i am a struggling author and I know the struggle to write a perfect rhyming poem. its really nice. keep up the good work

    1. Author

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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  3. I used to wonder if I was going crazy, but all the orderlies have assured me it’s just in my head.

    1. Author

      That’s what they say because they like the company…

      1. They must enjoy my company – all those free drugs and they never charge me a thing.

        1. Author

          Don’t they go away when you take the drugs though?

          1. Not the ones with wings, or the giraffe-heads. They usually stick around.

            1. Author

              You get the good stuff! I only get talking macaroni sticking around.

              1. That’s a shame ’cause the giraffe-heads are awesome at coaxing shy noodles into swimming. They’re the ones who told me about not using Greta (which, of course, where I had been going so terribly wrong). And not just the macaroni; they’re miracle workers with any pasta.

                1. Author

                  I just worry that the giraffe-heads will be hurt by the low ceiling fans the macaroni like to swing on.

  4. Why would they be hurt? They don’t have any bodies. It’s the ones with the wings that get blown all over the room by fans – too much surface area they say (like anyone buys that).

    1. Author

      I didn’t need any winged ones, just the giraffe-heads to talk to the macaroni. So they are just heads? What happened to their necks?

  5. The necks are fine, but the heads never travel with them. The carry-on charges are enormous to say nothing of the overhead storage grief.

    Yeah, no loss on the winged ones. Their feathers are jealous of pasta, like they’re better at flight than feathers are. It’s always sad watching them in the same room bickering.

    1. Author

      Well turns out I don’t need any giraffe-heads, my macaroni are floating in formation. They have formed into a giraffe-head and a neck and are slowly drifting together just as they hope your giraffe-heads will one day be reunited with their necks.

      1. The necks love their independence so don’t let them hear you say such things. The heads are willy-nilly ones – want the necks but get scared off by attachments – you know the type.

        Glad your noodles are all together. You might have a little giraffe-head in you.

        1. Author

          My macaroni are doing that scene in the pool from Rocky Horror so I think my giraffe-head might be a bit special!

          1. Man, you do have the gift!

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