The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

It’s hard to relax with this monkey on my back

I locked it in the cupboard but it keeps on coming back

I don’t know what it wants, bananas just don’t work

I wish he’d stay away, the annoying little jerk

It’s whispering a secret that nobody wants to know

An inconvenient truth that I heard a while ago

If you listen really close, I know you’ll hear it too

Listen to what the monkey has to say to you…

I know what you did
I know who you are
I know about that time
When you let it go too far
I know all your secrets
I know all your lies
You can’t hide from me
And I wont compromise
I’m the reflection in the mirror
I’m the whisper in your mind
You can’t run from me
I wont be left behind
I’m not the monkey on your back
I’m the conscience that you hide
I’m the one who keeps you honest
And I will not be denied


  1. This is magically beautiful, you’ve written it so elegantly with the just the right word choice!

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading and enjoying 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you!

      1. Your poem with the Fortune prompt today is good too. The only monkey you have on your back is an ability to express your thoughts really well.

        1. Author

          Thanks again. I do love to write and I hope it shows in the words I produce.

      1. LOL,…. I’ve just always wanted a place to use that line!! But, I need an eye patch and a bird on my soldier!

        1. Author

          So you want me to poke you in the eye and perch on your shoulder? You do know that bird is slang for woman here?

            1. Author

              Well that’s at least one thing you learned today!

                1. Author

                  Brits use it too so if some of your space marines are from the old motherland they can say it.

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