I Miss You

I Miss You

Alex is singing: “Something’s missing in my life, maybe it’s you.”

“Maybe it’s chocolate,” I counter.

He snorts, changes songs. “I ain’t missing you, no matter what my friends say.”

“Your friends say you miss your hand th-”

He went punk. “Don’t waste your time on me you’re already, the voice inside my head, I miss you miss you.”

“And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain.”

“Huh.” He frowned at me.


“First rule.” He held up a finger and looked at me expectantly.

I sighed then mumbled, “I don’t sing.”

“Then I was thinking.”

“Did you hurt yourself?”

“Funny,” he said with an eye roll that said otherwise. “Have the deserts ever had rain? And if they haven’t, how can they miss them?”

“Well first, yes it rains in the desert but that’s not important.”

“It’s not?”

“Nope.” I shook my head. “What’s important is that you can miss what you’ve never had.”

“Well how do you know you’re missing it if you never had it?” he challenged with a smirk. I’m sure he’s just asking to keep me talking. Doesn’t he know it’s past my bedtime?

“Well I’ve never had a million dollars but I miss that.” Hah, take that!

“True.” He nodded thoughtfully. “I’ve never had waffles and ice cream at one in the morning. I miss that.”

“You’re going to keep on missing that,” I say with a stern look.

“How about just the ice cream then?”

“Geez Alex, what are you, ten?”

He smirks then says, “Inches?”

See? It really is past my bedtime!


  1. Alex does sound like he is about ten years old. And I don’t think that you miss a million dollars if you’ve never had it. You don’t know what a million dollars will bring. What you really want is happiness or whatever you think the million dollars will bring you, and maybe some sleep.

    1. Author

      Sleep is always good πŸ˜€

  2. To be a fly on the inside of your head!

    1. Author

      No flies in there, Max has good aim πŸ˜€

      1. lol. I’d be a dead fly then. AJ and I don’t have conversations like that. I tend to be all consuming. I’m a bit bossy and pushy when I want to come out and play. AJ’s such a push over.

        1. Author

          Now you know why I tied Alex up πŸ˜‰ Really, Alex is my shotgun rider, I keep offering stories but he turns them down. We’ll find one for him one day but I’m in no rush, he’s good company πŸ™‚

          1. as long as he’s good company! I still think we should me. It has inspired AJ to write a simple program we’ll see if she finishes it. (she says it’s simple I’m so lost)

            1. Author

              A program? I’d be lost too!

              1. Yes. The joys of her day job. I have a bad habit of pulling her away from work.

                1. Author

                  Oh! I’ll go check it out, exciting!!

                  1. I’m trying to get something up so if you decide to play you can.

                    1. Author

                      I read the welcome and logged in then went…now what? Will go make a coffee and come back to see what you’re up to πŸ™‚

                    2. alright. AJ’s watching Sing and it’s hard to concentrate through the sad/happy tears… she’s a sap

                    3. Author

                      We’ve got Hop on here, so no tears but damn do I want some easter eggs now!

                    4. lol. a few more days?

                    5. Author

                      Only the kids get eggs, I hope they’ll share!

                    6. I will keep my fingers crossed for your minons to share. You could steal one when they sleep.

                    7. Author

                      My little one is a good sharer, the only one is more canny though, likes to trade. I’m so proud!

                    8. trading is what AJ’s do.

                    9. And there is something up, not sure it’ll inspire. But for now it’s something.

                    10. Author

                      Okay, so it’s like turn based writing?

                    11. yeah. You go, I go, anyone jump in if they feel like it. See where it goes.

                    12. Author

                      okay… wow… gotta think… might need more coffee!

                    13. hehe no worries. Sing is over so it might be bed time soon. That’s a good part of the timezones… plenty of time to think lol.

                    14. Author

                      My mind is scrambling with backstory, how is it Alex will be at Sage’s gamenight, stuff like that. Also, who is Alex hanging out with? He just calls her baby and that’s fine when it’s just him but that wont work in a group setting.

                    15. He can always just run into Nox at the grocery store. She can be baby.

                    16. Author

                      Yeah might just use baby for now, see how it goes.

                    17. I like Duckling so we can keep her anon for now.

                    18. Author

                      Maybe Nox can dub her that… nearly done with my little contribution…

                    19. oooh… fun. I’m sure I will. Most girls end up Duckling at one point.

                    20. Author

                      okay, a challenge for me, not writing a complete scene. Fun though, thanks!

                    21. maybe it’ll inspire Alex into a story. AJ might write Sterling get to know her.

                    22. Author

                      There are so many characters in your books, it’s hard to keep them straight sometimes!

                    23. lol. There are so many people in here with me. Some may never see the light of day.

                    24. Author

                      That’s because you’re such an attention hog πŸ˜› Alex sure was looking at you dance!

                    25. hmmmm. I do love the attention, he’s more than welcome to look.

                    26. Author

                      He might after we feed the tiny people and ourselves. Can’t live on coffee alone apparently!

                    27. Sall good. Enjoy the breakfast.

                    28. Author

                      Lunch time here actually but wow, bacon and eggs would have been awesome. Maybe tomorrow!

                    29. still can have that for lunch.

                    30. maybe not… AJ’s love just came back with a ‘drink’ another movie about to queue up I’m sure

                    31. Author

                      A late night for AJ then? What movie next?

                    32. An episode of True Blood (second watch through they are bored…) Got an hour at least.

                    33. Author

                      I read the books, never seen the show though.

                    34. it’s on AJs to read list.

                    35. Author

                      It was that long ago I can’t remember if I ever finished the series. Maybe I should watch the show instead.

                    36. the vampire fangs bug me out, but they watch it for the sex.

                    37. Author

                      Really? I don’t recall the books having much sex but maybe I was just more interested in the story.

                    38. it’s HBO. Game of Thrones wasn’t a lot of sex in the books from what I hear and it’s everywhere in the show. (or so AJ says)

                    39. Author

                      Neither read nor watched that but it makes sense. HBO is known for that, I remember when Sex and The City was such a scandal from them. Ah the good old days!

                    40. Heard of it, never seen. I think I’m a bit too young (AJ’s not tho but didn’t watch it)

                    41. Author

                      It’s on late night reruns here so I have seen a bit of it. You’re not missing much.

                    42. TV ain’t my thing. (you up)

                    43. Author

                      That’s because your life is much more interesting that TV

                    44. It is. Though I think my boyfriend is change parts of that.

                    45. Author

                      I don’t think you mid though πŸ™‚

                    46. no I don’t mind at all. As long as I don’t get too soft.

                    47. Author

                      Oh never, you’re such a hard-ass! Your turn now…

                    48. lol too set in my ways.

                    49. i got a reply up… out for the night AJ’s in bed.

                    50. Author

                      Sweet dreams to AJ, see ya on the flip side!

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