Angels And Devils

Angels And Devils

Another great song from Echo & the Bunnymen … sometimes words don’t come easy (yeah I know that’s a whole other song), sometimes a song already says all of the things you want to. These days the kids make playlists for each other. When I was a kid it was all about the mix tape. Here’s mine for tonight:

Radiohead – Creep
Nirvana – All Apoligies
Nine Inch Nail – The Perfect Drug
Korn – Freak On A Leash
Dirty Vegas – Days Go By
Beck – Loser
Foo Fighters – Another Round
Gary Jules – Mad World
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Echo & The Bunnymen – Angels and Devils


Call it a day
When night becomes our mad escape
Forgetting the things you mean to say
When all the right words come too late and
Everything falls out of place


  1. That’s a crackin’ playlist!

    1. Author

      I have amazing taste so of course it was 🙂

      1. Amazing taste for sure. Are playlists still a thing? or is it a lost art?

        1. Author

          I tend to binge on an artist so maybe they are a thing of the past, a relic you might say.

          1. Odd, as relics tend to have greater value than their modern analogs. Do you ever name your lists? or do you just call them “dance mix” and such?

            1. Author

              These days they are just the artists name. Now I only name things like macaroni individually. Some of them need encouragement to swim in the cheese sauce and it feels more natural to use a name. How about you? And play lists you want to share?

              1. Just don’t use Greta – noodles hate it when you call them that.

                I do have a playlist actually but it’s not complete and I’m not sure it’s as masterful as yours. I do give them actual names as thought it were an album otherwise WMP gets really screwy.

                1. Author

                  I usually pick a letter and stick with it. Last time I had Bob, Betty, Bart, Bill etc. I’ll avoid Greta though, thanks for the heads up!
                  So play lists for moods, occasions, people? Any groovy names?

  2. Let me know when you get to the Q’s and X’s. (Just curious.)

    Yes, playlists for moods, people, all of it. My favorite groovy name to date is still “Cloud of My Belch Flavor”. I have a title-idea for the current list, but it’s incomplete… you know how it is.

    1. Author

      Now that would be a giant ravioli type occasion. B is popular, I use it a lot. Or M because you know, macaroni.
      You really shouldn’t just leave that name sitting there without at least three of the songs in the list. That would hardly be fair.
      You know me, my music currently consists mostly of people in brightly coloured sweaters. I expect to emerge in a few years to find that popular music has cycled back around to punk and I’ll join the rebellion. In my zimmer frame.

      1. It’s a list that should be heard, not read and Punk never needs permission to be popular.

        Are you so close to needing a walker?

        1. Author

          Right now all I have is the sound of silence, can’t listen to what I don’t know.
          Some days it feels like it. Why? Do you want to race?

  3. The one by Disturbed or Simon & Garfunkel?

    It depends, are you any fast? And what would we be betting?

    1. Author

      A new version by ‘The Kids Are Quiet For A Change’
      Am I fast? Are you? I’m little and tricky, I’ll trip you over! We should have high stakes, giraffe-heads or macaroni…

      1. No, I’m not fast. I’m really slow. Really, really slow. You would kill me in a race, so you should bet big. I was thinking that ceiling fan sounded pretty sweet – I mean only theoretically as I would definitely lose terribly of course.

        Giraffe heads don’t believe in gambling so I can;t bet them – dumb giraffe religions. Sometimes, I like to hide macaroni in their food and watch them freak out when I tell them after they’ve eaten. Even the orderlies find it hilarious.

        1. Author

          Is this a trap? It feels like a trap? Anyway, you can’t have a ceiling fan on account of the ones with wings. This is a trap isn’t it?
          And what happened to the ‘Cloud of My Belch Flavor’?

          1. It’s not a trap! (Dang, I just did my best Ackbar voice and you couldn’t hear it.)

            Belch Flavor is gonna have to wait until it’s not one in the morning over here. Gotta rest up for this race I’m planning out. I got some sucker on the line for a ceiling fan – thinks I’m all slow, but don’t say anything.

            1. Author

              One in the morning? How have you not turned into a pumpkin! Now that’s a race I might be able to win. Of course you might roll better that way… then crash and break and then it’s pumpkin soup for everyone. So it’s win-win and I still have the fan. Mwhahaha (hear that in an appropriately evil tone would you?)
              Until tomorrow Belch Flavor Hoarder!

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