In Ruins

In Ruins

I wish I could tell you that things were okay after the night I took Sienna home. I wish I could tell you that she forgave me, and loved me again. Well I could tell you that, but I’d be lying.

The truth is, she woke up mad and embarrassed and couldn’t get away from me quick enough. The woman who’d loved me so sweetly, so passionately the night before was gone. All of the secrets we’d shared about how much we’d missed each other, hung like faded stars in a midnight sky. Barely visible, easily ignored.

I watched her pull on her clothes, saw her wince when she moved but had no regrets. I’d loved her hard, and loved her long. Each time I’d fucked her like it was the last time and I wanted to imprint myself on her. I had her scratch marks on my back, her teeth marks on my neck, where she’d done the same thing to me.

I’d hoped it was the first night of forever, but I’d acted like it was the last. Sucks to be right. So there’s no happy ever after, no fairy tale ending. There’s just me with my wasted heart.


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  1. Hey I have a question..was this the end to Nick and Sienna ? I mean you are not going to continue their story?

    1. Author

      I hadn’t decided yet. Would you like to see more of them?

      1. So sorry I saw your reply only now, and a big YES to your question . I love Nick and Sienna

        1. Author

          Well your comment motivated me so you can thank yourself for it. I thank you too πŸ˜€

          1. Well *blush* i’m just glad i motivated you in some way. Also …thank you for giving me more of them !

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