Up In Flames

Up In Flames

He hates it when she wears perfume
The way it permeates the room
He’d rather she was shower fresh
Ready to receive his flesh

He likes to tie her down at times
Help her repent for all her crimes
He loves the colour of her blood
When it’s pouring out like a flood

He likes to watch the flames devour
Reaching higher hour by hour
He’s kind of sad to see her die
It’s her fault though, she told that lie

He likes it when they reek of fear
That pungent scent as he pulls them near
He likes to hear them beg and scream
He pretends it’s her, like in his dreams

He likes it when they call his name
They struggle and fight, it’s part of the game
He likes to watch them be surprised
That the nice looking man, has the devil inside

He likes the way that no one knows
The games he plays, the places he goes
He smiles and waves and seems so nice
Don’t get too close or you’ll pay the price

He likes the way I write these words
Just one more verse is not absurd
If I can write just one more rhyme
Maybe he’ll spare me, one more time

He likes it …

(in response to the November Notes Writing ChallengeΒ  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies
Today’s song is ‘Up In Flames’ by Ruelle.)


      1. Author

        This is the wrong place for them πŸ˜‰

    1. Author

      Thank you, the end was a surprise to me too!

        1. Author

          Yes πŸ™‚

  1. geeeez. the intensity of the emotion is such a delight to read. great job!

    1. Author

      thank you, it was a tough one.

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