Free Fallin’

(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge  as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies.)

A cover of the old Tom Petty hit ‘Free Fallin” is playing on the radio and it’s all too relevant and meaningful …

And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
And the good girls go home with broken hearts
And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’
And I’m free, free fallin’ fallin’

I switched it off before he got to the part where he kills himself because that’s just depressing. I had gone to a dark place when Sienna wouldn’t take my calls, but never that dark. A part of me wished she’d never cared enough to be heartbroken but the bigger selfish part hoped she did. Then I would have more chance of winning her back right? I thought she had loved me, thought the last time we saw each other we both almost said it.

Right now, as I lay in bed watching those red digits change, I wondered if I’d been wrong after all. The ice cream had brought her to my door before she’d run away scared. The teddy bear I’d sent earlier today, wait … yesterday, surely that would warrant a call or a message. I’d asked her to set me tasks, twelve labours of love. I wondered if she’d seen the  significance of that word.

My thoughts were interrupted by the buzzing of my cell on the bedside table. Just after midnight on a Friday night, probably the boys from the band wanting to know where I was. I wasn’t in the clubbing mood, was tempted to ignore the message but my manners got the best of me and I picked up the device.

A shit eating grin spread across my face as I read the screen, my blood thrummed with anticipation.

Sienna: Okay rockstar, you want to play, want some tasks? First one, in ten words, tell me why I should give you another chance.

Me: I’m yours, you’re mine, like pb&j, we’re perfect together.

She kept me waiting five minutes for her reply.

Sienna: Pretty sure pb&j isn’t one word but otherwise that was pretty good

Me: That’s not all I’m good at. Why don’t I come by and remind you?

I was out of bed and pulling on my jeans as I waited for her reply. She was willing to play and I wasn’t going to squander this opportunity.

Sienna: Sorry pretty boy, she’s not home waiting for you. We’re at The Local, come get her. T

Me: Thanks Teal, on my way!

The Local was the place we’d first met and it didn’t take me long to get there. I spotted Sienna as soon as I walked in and it was déjà vu all over again. She was standing at the bar, blue jeans hugging her incredible ass, a lacy shirt covering her curves. At her side, her bestie Teal, doing her best to hold off the attentions of a couple of hipsters. Totally not Teal’s type and completely not Sienna’s.

I managed to get through the crowd without being recognised, maybe because I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days and was sporting a bit of a beard. Whatever the reason, I was grateful as I made it to Sienna’s side in record time.

“Miss me baby?”

Her eyes widened in surprise, happy looking surprise as a smile tilted her gorgeous lips. I couldn’t resist the lure, I slid a hand around her waist to the small of her back and slowly leaned down towards her, giving her plenty of time to back away. Her hands came up to rest on my chest as her head tilted, her eyes drifting closed as I kissed her.  She sighed and opened for me and I fell into her kiss, lost myself in her. She tasted like salvation as she pressed her hips against me and tunnelled her hands into my hair, and I groaned and pulled her closer.

“Hey you two, break it up.”

A voice intruded, a hand on my shoulder making me growl. Sienna whimpered as her tongue twined with mine, my hands slid down to her hips then back under her shirt, chasing the silk of her skin. It was heaven, it was hell, because I had to stop. We were in public, and she was a little bit drunk. I broke the kiss slowly, savouring the taste of her and the whiskey she’d been drinking.

Her eyes opened slowly as our breathing slowed, then that voice came again.

“Nico, these guys are big fans. Say hello.”

Sienna’s hands dropped to my chest and she pressed her face to my chest with a groan, probably of embarrassment as I turned enough to smile at the hipsters and Teal.

“Hey.” I gave them a nod of acknowledgement then leaned down to brush a kiss across Teal’s cheek, whispering, “How much has she had?”

“Only four, I wouldn’t let her get sloppy Nick,” she whispered back.

“Thanks.” I tightened my arms around Sienna as I chatted with the hipsters. At one stage Teal moved in close so they could talk. I didn’t hear their words but I felt Sienna’s arms tighten around me as she nodded her head.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Teal said with a smile at the boys. “But we need to go.”

Somehow we got outside without being stopped, maybe Teal scared them all away.

“Where are you parked?” she asked me and I led the way, Sienna still pressed to my side, her arm around my waist. At my ride she slid into the passenger seat and Teal ducked down to talk to her again. I heard her say, “Are you sure?” then she was standing before me, giving me a hard look.

“I’ll look after her, she’s safe with me,” I said without her having to ask and she gave me a slow nod.

“I’m trusting you,” she warned me. “Don’t … just don’t make me, make her, regret it.”

I climbed behind the wheel and looked over to see Sienna with her head tilted back against the head rest, her eyes closed, a secret smile on her lips. I didn’t ask her where she wanted to go, I just took her to my home. She fell asleep in the short time it took to get there so I scooped her up and put her to bed. My bed, where she belonged.

I slid in beside her and she turned to me, murmured my name as she draped her arm across my chest and her breathing evened out. Life couldn’t get much better than this.


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Today’s song is ‘Free Fallin” by John Mayer

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