Burning Up

Burning Up

This time of year there’s a lot of excitement around. There’s turkey day coming then after that there’s oh no I didn’t finish my NanoWriMo novel day™, then we have tree day (not an actual set date for everyone, December 1st for my house), last day of school day™, first day of holidays day™, then of course eat all you can and open presents day™. All very exciting!

But for me it’s exciting for a different reason. It’s almost summer and that means we can have the windows open most of the time (having just been through a bitterly cold winter, this is a real luxury), and that means I can burn incense!!! Well sometimes. Unless the other people in my household object by doing subtle things like sneezing constantly or complaining about ‘the smell’. FYI, it’s not a smell, it’s aromatic!

So anyway, for one day at least, I get to burn incense! And write a haiku …

Incense I love you
Your heavy fragrant perfume
Sweet tranquility



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