Blank Sheet Of Paper

Blank Sheet Of Paper


I sat staring at the blank sheet of paper, clinging to hope. My cell phone beside me told me it had been four hours since she’d gotten my last letter, plenty of time for her to read it and decide to text or call me. But the thing stayed silent.

I was going to have to do it, going to have to write a sixth letter. Was that my lucky number? Not really but maybe I could change my mind on that and she’d respond to this one. But what could I say to convince her that I hadn’t already said? Maybe I could write her a poem? Except I pretty much sucked at that. I could write a song, but poetry escaped me.

I picked up my cell, accessed my photos and flicked through to the few I had of us together. I could print some and send them, try to remind her of how great we were together. Or I could send her a page from my diary, show her how miserable I was without her? Nah, some things should never been seen.

I had no fresh ideas on what to write, no plan on what I would send. Maybe cupcakes? I flicked through to call my sister, she’d know where I could get the best cupcakes. It started to ring just as I heard a knock at my front door. I wasn’t expecting anyone but it wasn’t unusual for Denver to just drop by.

I got to the front door and my sister answered the call. “Hey, where can I get some amazing cupcakes to send to …” My voice trailed off as I opened the door, completely unprepared for who was waiting there. “Sienna?”

She smiled at me cautiously and I was vaguely aware of my sister’s voice. “I’ll call you back,” I said and let my hand drop to my side.

Before me, Sienna shifted her weight, cleared her throat. She held up two cartons of ice cream. “Rocky road or whiskey pecan praline?”


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    1. Author

      I was quite frankly surprised she a) had any left and 2) was willing to share!

      1. Once Trump got elected I stopped being surprised by anything. Normal rules don’t apply any more. πŸ™‚

        1. Author

          Watch out for the flying monkeys!

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