Paradise Circus

Paradise Circus


(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge * as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies)

Have you heard the news
Paradise Circus is in town
Why is it that everyone
Is so scared of the clown

Could it be that painted smile
The red and bulbous nose
The way he laughs at everything
His garish gaudy clothes

Or is it something in his nature
Our monkey brain yells run!
We feel his gaze of rancid lust
And fear his brand of fun

Like lemmings still we go
To cheer and gasp and shiver
We watch the clown with wary eyes
Our nerves are all a quiver

Then the show is over
And we scurry to our bed
We sleep and dream and realise
The clown is in our head

Trapped within a nightmare
His dreamscape now your home
Your cries for help remain unheard
It’s just you and him alone


*The song was Paradise Circus by Massive Attack


    1. Author

      thank you, that’s exactly how I feel about circuses … creepy yet awesome!

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