Perfect Strangers


(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!)


Letter four? Really? You’re playing hard ball baby! I don’t mind I’m happy to jump through any hoops you need me to, do anything to prove to you I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was an idiot … anything if you’ll just give me another chance, anything to get you to have second thoughts about us.

Hope you enjoyed the massage, maybe next time I can deliver one in person.

Got to be honest, just had that little text exchange with you and you left me hanging, left with some vague ‘I’ve moved on’ crap. What does that mean? Do you mean you’ve changed? I would expect that after what you’ve been through. I know I’ve changed. I’d love for you to get to know the new me.

Maybe we could do that? Start over as if we’re meeting for the first time? Perfect strangers in an imperfect world. I’m only human Sienna, I make mistakes, hell, I fuck up royally. You know what they say; to err is human; to forgive, divine. Be divine baby, be my goddess, forgive me.

Nick ♥♥♥


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    1. Author

      Thanks, he’s a sweet talker!

    1. Author

      Or maybe desperate!

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