Between The Lines


(in response to the November Notes Writing Challenge as hosted by A Reading Writer and Heartstring Eulogies and a daily prompt!)


So here I am writing another letter. I know you got the first one but the courier told me they could only guarantee delivery, they didn’t know if you’d read it. At least I know the ice cream made it to you safely (I’m hoping you’re saving the pecan praline for me, you know, for when you let me come round again).

Since you haven’t called or sent a pigeon, I’m going to try to explain a little bit here, no need to read between the lines, I’ll lay it all out for you. I stand by my initial statement of being an idiot. True story baby, I was. I could say it was the PR team, that they convinced me it was better this way, and that would be partly true. But I’ve always been honest with you, you’ve always seen my truths. So here it is.

In my fucked up mind, it was your fault. I bet you’re wishing you’d talked to me so you could throw something at me right about now. I hated that you left me. I knew you had work, but to me, you left me. The reason didn’t matter, only that you weren’t there any more. So I decided not to be there for you, I had to punish you for leaving.

Did I mention I was an idiot? Then those tabloids happened and I had no idea. My family asked me about them but I didn’t realise it at the time. I told them to just ignore the silly stories because that’s what we were told to do. I should have listened to them. I kept saying the same thing and got so angry about it, they stopped asking. They thought I knew and didn’t care so they got angry at me and we didn’t talk for a while.

I’ve touched base with them about it but we need to have a long talk. They understand you’re my priority though they did ask that I pass along their apologies again. We all miss you much Sienna, wont you give me, give us, another chance?

Time for me to go again or else I’m just going to start begging. I ain’t too proud baby but some things are better done in person.


P.S. Enjoy the peaches … this is me, making sure you eat something besides icecream ♥♥♥


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