The day after Nick showed up at my door all I wanted to do was sleep because at least then I wouldn’t be thinking about him. I wouldn’t have to face the truth that I’d lied to myself all these months. I wasn’t over him, and worst of all, I still loved him.

But every time I closed my eyes, I saw him. Standing there with that cautious smile, the one that showed up when he was unsure about something. And why the hell did I remember that, why did I have to know him so well. Where was the cocky arrogant rock star that I’d seen on television and in magazines the last few months? I hadn’t gone looking but he was there all the time, impossible to avoid. Just like the fact they were in town for the last show of their tour before taking a break, the media coverage and the posters everywhere made sure I knew.

My social media had been full of comments leading up to the concerts and then glowing reviews and photos after. It was no surprise to me that Lustful Gaze had put on a good show, they always had.

A loud buzz broke me from my thoughts and with a sigh I hauled myself off the couch to cross to the intercom by the door. I wasn’t expecting any deliveries but it wasn’t unheard of for my boss to forget to warn me he was sending something.


“Let me up Sienna,” a terse voice demanded and I grimaced.

“Sure Teal.” I hit the release and left my door ajar then shuffled back to the couch. I loved Teal, she was my best friend but she knew me too well.

A minute later the door flew open and she came in like a whirlwind. Tall and slim with her wildly coloured hair (pink and purple) and awesome sense of style (leather pants and peasant blouse today).

“You changed the code,” she accused on her way to the freezer. I watched as she pulled out one of the cartons of ice cream then went to the drawer for spoons. “Things must be bad, two cartons?” She arched a brow as she sat down beside me and held out a spoon.

I took it and when she peeled the lid off scooped up a tiny amount. Just like last time Nick had broken me, I’d lost my appetite, yes, even for mint choc chip icecream.

“This is serious, you don’t even want ice cream,” Teal said with eerie accuracy, as if she’d read my mind.

“I’m fine,” I said unconvincingly.

She stared at me long and hard then huffed out a breath. “I know Nick came by,” she finally said. “Explains the code changing too.”

“I didn’t think he’d remember it,” I muttered. “Well I didn’t think he’d ever come back here,” I added, being brutally honest with myself.

“Well he did and then he called me when he couldn’t get hold of you,” Teal said then took a big mouthful of ice cream.

“He what?” I sat up straight and gaped at her. Mouth full, she could only nod and give me a look that I interpreted as ‘what happened?’, maybe I was the mind reader?

“I had that meeting with Jerry last night.” She nodded acknowledgement. “And I’d run out of ice cream. So I decided to go for a walk and get some and when I opened my door Nick was standing there.”

Teal’s eyes went wide and she mimed knocking.

“No, he didn’t knock.” I shrugged. “Maybe he was about to.” Teal shrugged and I carried on. “I asked what he wanted and he tried to flirt with me. I told him I was on my way out and left and he followed me down stairs. He offered me a lift but I told him to leave me alone. Then I walked away and he drove off.”

“He tried to flirt?” Teal repeated, her mouth finally free of ice cream.

I nodded and feeling a bit better having said it all, helped myself to a scoop.

“Did he apologise?”

I sighed and shook my head. “No but I didn’t expect him to Teal.”

“I’m glad I called him scum. Fuck him,” she muttered and stabbed at the ice cream.

“You what? Why did he call you?”

“He didn’t know you’d changed your number, wanted your new one. He sounded so cheerful and happy See, like he had no clue.”

“More like he didn’t care. He stopped calling after a couple of days. I didn’t have to change my number until a couple of weeks later,” I said and shrugged like it hadn’t mattered that he’d stopped calling. “So what happened when he called?”

“He was like ‘hi Teal it’s Nick. I’m just trying to get hold of Sienna but I don’t seem to have her number’. I was at a club so I couldn’t hear that well so I stepped outside and said ‘excuse me? Could you repeat that’ so he did.”

“Wait, what time was this?” Maybe he’d tried to call before he turned up?

“Um, let me check.” Teal slid her phone from her pocket and tapped away. “Just after four. Why?”

“Oh okay, that was after he was here.”

“Huh,” she said thoughtfully. “Okay so he says it again and I sort of yelled at him. I said why the f would you want to talk to him after what he’d done to you and that he’d destroyed you and he should crawl back under the rock he’d slithered from and die.”

My mouth dropped open in surprise. I knew she was angry but I hadn’t expected that. “You didn’t?”

“I did,” she said proudly. “Then I said he better leave you alone unless he wanted a lot of bad publicity, worse than what you had suffered through.”

“Teal,” I said, wiping away a tear. She was so fierce and I loved her for it.

“We’ll be okay,” she said moving closer to give me a one armed hug. “He’ll be gone soon anyway, back on the road to success.”

“Yeah he will,” I agreed with a sniff. I scooped up some more ice cream and shovelled it in just as the buzzer sounded again.

“You expecting someone?” Teal asked as she leaped up and walked to the door. I shook my head and shrugged.

She pushed the intercom, asked, “Yeah?”

“Hey blue girl, let me in.”

Denver didn’t need to identify himself and Teal didn’t have to look at me to know I was shaking my head like crazy.

“Go away,” she snapped but stayed where she was.

“It’s just me, I’m alone,” he tried to coax.

“Well that’s a pity, I’ve seen photos of some of your entourage, maybe if you had them with you I’d let you up,” Teal said in her sweetest voice.

“I just want to talk to Sinna,” he tried again.

I hadn’t heard that name in months, and it hurt. When Nick had put my details into his phone he’d left the ‘e’ out of my name so that’s what they had called me. Not that any of them had called after … after Nick. That had hurt too. I’d thought we’d become friends over the months I’d been with Nick but I’d been wrong again.

“Tell him to go away Teal,” I whispered. “Just … please.”

She looked over me as I sniffed and grabbed a tissue to wipe my eyes. Damned things kept leaking. She gave a sharp nod and opened the door. “I’ll get rid of him Sienna, don’t worry.”

A few minutes later I heard a bang then a yell but I could only stare at the door in horror as it opened and Denver stormed in, stopping suddenly to stare at me. Thirty seconds later he staggered forward and Teal’s face appeared beside his, her arms around his shoulders, her legs around his hips.

“I told you she doesn’t want to see you,” she yelled in his ear and pulled his hair.

He ignored her and walked over to sit beside me, Teal scrambling from his back to stand in front of him again.

“I wont stay long,” he said to her in his gruff way but he didn’t look away from me.

I felt trapped by his gaze, then he lifted a hand and his callused finger swiped a tear from my cheek. “I’m so sorry Sinna, we didn’t know.”


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